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Get in front of tens of thousands of potential tenants
Forget massive upfront fees, pay monthly
Stay protected with tenant background checks
We do the heavy lifting - find leads, arrange viewings, support negotiations
Standard contract templates included for free

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To make your life easy, we ask for very little information upfront.

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Within 24 hours, we'll call you to hear more about your warehouse. Then, we'll create and publish your listing for thousands of high-intent businesses to see.

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To ensure you only have to deal with the very best leads, we'll get them on the phone and vet them on your behalf.

You get viewings

Skip the time-consuming back-and-forth, we'll find the times that suit you, and arrange viewings with leads that are a great fit.

Start earning

A suitable tenant has viewed your warehouse, they love it, all that's left to do is sign the terms and start earning!

Why Stashbee

No huge upfront fee payments - you get paid monthly and so should we

Get in front of tens of thousands of potential tenants, including advertising on multiple platforms

We'll find you great, vetted warehouse tenants, you don't have to lift a finger

Go from empty space to paying tenant in 1 month, or we drop our fee

Get the fastest Customer Response Time in the industry

We'll provide you with ongoing support and protection throughout your letting

Lawyers charge £3,000+ to create contracts, we provide templates completely for free

What our
customers say

"Stashbee has to be the best property agent in the market. Their hands-on, organised and proactive approach is seriously refreshing. They have helped us quickly find new tenants, ensure agreements are signed, deposits collected, invoices sent and payments are received on-time. Their service is simple and efficient, and there's always someone at the end of a phone.

We've been with Stashbee for over three years now, and they've helped match good people to our vacant offices, parking, warehousing and garages. Our total revenue generated through Stashbee is now circa £320,000. Thank you to everyone at HQ who has helped along the way"

Managing Director, UK's Leading Premium Wine and Spirits Supplier

How we compare to the industry

Typical estate agents


Stashbee Plus

Listing creation and optimisation (images, dimensions, description)
Advertising on multiple digital platforms
Lead generation and qualification, support with viewings and negotiations
Guarantee to fill your space within 1 month (or we cut our fee by 10%)
Templated contracts included for free (worth £3,000 plus in lawyer fees)
Managed service included (payment handling, invoicing, chasing late payments)
Fee payment for a successful booking


Service fee (excl. VAT)

About us

Hi there! We're Stashbee - the space place. When we started out in commercial space, we were shocked to find that every estate agent offered the same thing: we'll fill your space for an upfront 10% fee of the first year's rent.

So the agents could bring in bad tenants that leave after 2 months, but only the landlord feels the pain. And the landlords couldn't go anywhere else because every other agent would offer them the same deal!

No protection, no alignment of desired outcome, no guarantee of finding tenants fast.

It sounded like a bad deal to us.

We decided to make a change. To offer something that was a no-brainer for landlords. You see, unlike the standard agent, we're not after fees, we're after life-long partners. And so we will go above and beyond for you at every stage - from finding a tenant fast, to keeping them happy and you protected for years to come.

This is an Estate Agents market and we're on a mission change that.

FAQs about commercial property on Stashbee

We keep our fees flexible and decide on a case-by-case basis as every Host and every tenant has unique requirements. Our promise to every one of our Hosts is that we'll always prioritise relationship ahead of a particular fee amount. We play fair and adjust to reach a fee amount that both parties are happy with.

We will source and vet potential tenants, organise viewings, provide standard templates (usually costs £3,000+ from standard solicitors, but we include it free of charge) and chase to get you a contract signed. Once your booking starts, we can also process payments, handle deposits, issue invoices, and help resolve disputes.

We check if the tenant is taking out the premises on a personal basis or on behalf of their company. If a company is renting the space, we will check the registered company, length of time in business, annual accounts, and identity check the company directors. If an individual is renting the space, we will carry out identity checks and any necessary credit checks.

When renting a commercial space through Stashbee you have 3 options:

  • Stashbee standard terms & conditions - used for storage only booking, with a monthly rental value of less than £1,000 and a booking length of less than 6 months
  • Stashbee templated licence / lease agreements - used for bookings which include working from the space, with a monthly rental value of £1,000+ a month and booking length of 6+ months
  • Solicitor generated / your own contracts - typically used for high-value bookings which are longer than 12 months

We aim to get our Hosts a booking within 2 weeks from the listing date - considerably faster than the industry standard. Ultimately though, it takes two to tango (or in this case, three). So the more you work with us, the faster your space will be rented out. Provide high-quality photos, be responsive, have a flexible calendar for viewings, and work with us to reach an agreement with interested tenants, and your space will get rented out impressively fast.

A great question, but a hard one to answer without knowing the details. Location and size are the two biggest factors that influence the price of a warehouse. However, things like warehouse type, quality, security, connection to main roads, and access to utilities can all affect your warehouse's price.