How to Return to Work Safely After COVID-19

Are you wondering about safely returning to work after coronavirus restrictions lift? A parking space with Stashbee keeps you off public transit.
The percentage of people in the UK working from home more than doubled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With England set to remove all official limits on social contact starting 21 June* - and a phased return already in place - many of us are left asking the same question: How do I go about safely returning to work after coronavirus restrictions are lifted?


Nervous About Going Back to Work After COVID? Here's How to Stay Safe

If you're nervous about getting back into the office after an extended period at home, you're not alone. A recent survey conducted by HR software provider CIPHR has revealed that only 15% of remote workers in the UK want to return to the workplace fulltime.

For some of us, the ability to stay home (and the social distancing it provided) was a welcome safety net that offered more flexibility, a non-existent commute, and the ability to focus without the distractions of a crowded office environment.

But for others, returning to the workplace is the ultimate goal. In fact, a whopping 79% of staff reported loneliness associated with a lack of close contact in an internal survey conducted by Intuit QuickBooks. And mental health isn't the only dilemma related to the brave new world of an at-home work environment. Many of us faced frustrating communication and technology failures (like the dreaded Zoom glitch) when face-to-face work started to decline in March of 2020.

If you're set to return to the office soon, worry not - we have some excellent health and safety advice to boost your confidence!

1) Get the jab

If it is safe for you to do so, getting the COVID-19 vaccine remains the most effective way to safely return to work. Across the UK, roughly 75% of adults have had their first jab, with nearly half having had their second. This is excellent news for wary workers as the national vaccine programme addresses the need for a vaccinated labour force.


2) Keep your distance

With government guidance regarding social distancing set to be lifted soon,* some of us are worried about being in close quarters with our coworkers once again. But social distancing is still an option! Many workplaces are reconfiguring for more breathing room so to speak, a change that many welcome with open arms.


3) Mask up

Early on in the pandemic, we learned of the importance of wearing masks in public spaces to avoid spreading or catching the virus, and this strategy still rings true. If you've been relishing in the fact that you haven't contracted so much as the common cold or flu this past year and a half, thank your mask! Some workplaces may require masking up for a while, so don't ditch your colourful collection of face coverings just yet. Also, remember to use sick leave whenever you feel ill to avoid passing along any bugs to your coworkers.


Ultimately, keeping safe from COVID-19 is a matter of risk assessment. You should consider individual circumstances like your existing health, age, vaccination status, and more when determining the best course of action. But here's the thing - it's never a bad idea to incorporate as many measures as possible to stay healthy.


How Stashbee Can Help You Safely Return to Work After the Coronavirus


If the prospect of hopping on a crammed train for your daily commute has you feeling anxious, we completely understand. The desire to avoid public transit has prompted many commuters to consider buying a vehicle or switch to fully remote roles.

Luckily, with Stashbee, you can now rent safe, affordable, and perfectly-situated long-term parking right near your place of work!

Here's why renting a long-term parking space with Stashbee is a brilliant move as we all begin to return to work:
  • It reduces or eliminates the need to use crowded public transit
  • You can find a parking space right near your workplace
  • Renting a parking space with Stashbee is much more affordable than alternatives such as pay-as-you-go car parks
  • You can enjoy 24/7 access to your parking space (perfect for those on a work schedule with hours that change frequently)

We’ve also recently launched hourly and daily parking - so if you’re only in the office for a few hours each day or a few days a week or month but still need a space to stash your car, this is a great alternative to long-term parking!

And finally, at Stashbee, we've created COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines that are continually adjusted and adapted to meet government guidance, ensuring safety for both you and your Host.


Return to Work With Confidence

The way we work is once again changing, and that can be overwhelming. But when you have a safety plan in place (like renting a long-term parking space with Stashbee), you can make your return to work a triumphant one. Put your mind at ease and find your spot today.

* Correct as of 07 June 2021. Please make sure to check the government website for the latest information on restrictions, as recommendations and rules are frequently changing.


Updated 13th Dec 2022

Written 7th Jun 2021