Why Electric Car Charging is the Future

Find out how electric cars are changing our roads for the better and where to find electric car charging points.

Flying cars haven’t quite arrived yet, but for the meantime electric cars have got us talking. Not only are they energy efficient, but they can be cheaper to run in the long term too. As you can imagine, electric cars are gaining in popularity, and it’s all for a good reason.

Electric vehicles are big business. The trend of sustainability is ever-increasing, so it will come as no surprise that people are seriously thinking about buying electric cars in the not-so-distant future.

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And even if you’re personally not thinking about electric cars just yet, car companies certainly are. Jaguar plans to only sell electric cars from 2025, Volvo from 2030, and Lotus expects to follow suit by 2028.

A charging cable plugged into an electric vehicle

Why Electric Cars Will Become a Trend

With sustainability efforts in full gear, many brands and companies have changed their processes to become more environmentally friendly.

We’re sure you’ve noticed the recyclable packing you receive products in and a cutdown on single-use plastics (paper straws, anyone?), amongst many other things.

Because of this, it’s no wonder why car brands and manufacturers are looking to become a little more sustainable themselves.

Studies have shown that electric cars are better for the environment as they emit fewer greenhouse gases than petrol and diesel cars. This includes the vehicle production and electricity generation that’s needed to keep them running.

Additionally, electric vehicles don’t have a tailpipe and therefore don’t produce any carbon emissions when in use. In turn, this reduces air pollution and provides us with cleaner air in our towns and cities (who would say no to that?!).

Plus, when it comes to the UK, there are goals set in place to reduce carbon emissions in the future. These targets include the sale of petrol and diesel to end by 2030, and to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Electric vehicles will no doubt play a huge part in these long-term goals set out by the UK government.

If you’re considering selling your car and replacing it with a more sustainable electric car, you can use sites like Jamjar for a free valuation, to compare prices and to choose the best deal when selling your old car. 

How Electric Cars Work

Electric vehicles will be even bigger in the future, but they do exist now. You may have even seen them out in your home town or city. Electric car drivers are few and far between, but the fact that people have already bought them and drive them shows that the appetite is there and will clearly grow in the future. In fact, the RAC estimates that as of April this year, there are roughly 239,000 zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) on the UK’s roads.

But how do electric cars work exactly? Well, electric vehicles (or EVs, as they’re often called) don’t use an internal combustion engine like most cars we’re used to. Instead, they’re fitted with a large traction battery pack that powers an electric motor. That’s why EVs need to be plugged into charging equipment, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Woman plugging an electric vehicle into a charging station

How to Charge an Electric Car

If you’re thinking about getting an electric vehicle, you might be wondering how to charge it. Thankfully, it is pretty simple - you just need to plug the car into a charging point. There are a couple points to keep in mind when charging an electric car:

  • It’s best to drive around with your own separate charging cable - just in case!
  • EV drivers typically charge their cars when parked. That way you can get on with your errands as your car is charging up.
  • Depending on where you are, start charging by either plugging in or using an app, contactless card or RFID card.


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Where to Find Electric Car Charging Points

Your next concern might be where to actually find electric car charging points. After all, they’re less obvious than petrol stations, so you probably haven’t noticed them.

Here are a few places you’ll be able to find electric car charging points:
  • Stashbee - If you’re looking for a parking space, see what you can find on Stashbee. Filter your search to include an electric car charging point feature, and then get booking!
  • Public charging networks - These networks offer slow, fast, and rapid charging stations. There are a range of major networks you can choose from, like ubitricity, Charge Your Car, and ESB Energy, among many more.
  • Residential charging - This is great for those who have to park on the street overnight to charge.
  • At home - If you’re thinking of setting up an electric car charging point at home, compare different charging points so you know what’s best for your car and yourself.
  • At work - Some businesses will offer charging points at the workplace. Find out if there are any near where you work!


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Zap-Map provides a really handy live map of charging points around the UK, including whether or not they’re available to use right now.

Parking spot market for electric vehicles

Got Electric Car Charging Points? Get On Stashbee

With the increase in popularity of electric cars, more and more people are looking for parking spaces that offer electric car charging points.

So if you’ve got a spare parking space with a charging point, you might just be sitting on a gold mine.

Why? Well, many EV drivers will no doubt be hoping to park up and charge their car. And maybe even use that same parking space consistently for months at a time.

What that means for you is that you could very well make some money from renting out your parking space with Stashbee.

As a Stashbee Host that offers a parking space (or more than just one space!) with electric charging capabilities, your spot will no doubt be highly sought after and in demand.

Plus, it’s super easy to list your space with us (just follow our guide to renting out your space) and become visible on our site and fully bookable in no time at all.

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You’ll be able to provide interested Guests with virtual tours of the parking space, as well as respond to any questions they may throw your way.

Once your space gets booked, our seamless payment system ensures that the money you earn goes straight to your bank account. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

Are you already a Host on Stashbee?

If you’re already an avid ‘lister’ on Stashbee, you might want to consider upgrading your parking space to benefit EV drivers by installing electric car charging points. This will improve your chances of getting your space booked, as EV drivers will be considering your space on top of those traditional petrol and diesel drivers.

With sustainability efforts increasing year after year, it’s only natural that we start considering what we may be driving in the future and what the ‘traditional’ driver may turn into.

Electric cars will no doubt be on the rise in the next few years, as well as the long-term future. So, Hosts, towns, and cities alike would be wise to prepare for them now. Once you’re all set and ready to go, list your space and start renting it to get earning!

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Updated 19th Apr 2023

Written 2nd Aug 2021