Alternatives to Airbnb: These Guests Won’t Raid Your Fridge!

These ideas on how to make extra money from home without having strangers living in your space are perfect for property owners everywhere.
Let’s face it, running an Airbnb is hard. Pandemic restrictions and new cleaning requirements have made it even harder. And all that’s before even mentioning that having strangers in your personal space might not be your cup of tea.

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Thankfully, there are Airbnb alternatives to consider. From renting out space in your home in a less traditional way to turning a profit from your empty driveway (we’re not kidding!), try these less stressful ways to keep earning passive income.

How to Make Extra Money from Home

Nothing beats knowing you have extra income coming in at the end of the month. Even better? If it happens while you’re watching Joe Root lead the boys out onto the pitch on TV.

We can help make that dream a reality. If you’re a property owner, you could be making money from home without ever lifting a finger. Earn yourself a few extra pounds when you rent out storage space or a parking space on your property.

Airbnb Alternatives for Hosts

If you’ve had your fridge raided by guests without your permission before, we feel your pain. These hosting alternatives will give you peace of mind that won’t happen again. They’ll also help keep your bank balance healthy at the end of the month. Full fridge, full wallet… what more could you want?

Excuses, excuses!

1) Rent out your space for stuff, not people

Storage rentals are an easy way to earn a side income in your spare time. You can, for example, rent out a garage to people moving house or renovating. These short-term rentals are generally hassle-free and have quick turnaround times. You literally only have to see the tenant when they drop off and collect their things.

And don’t worry about finding a trustworthy storage tenant - we’re on it. We can help you avoid the hassle of finding unreliable people on social media. Stashbee’s online platform does all the work, and is designed to protect both parties (hello, storage insurance!). If you don’t have a garage, don’t worry. Our platform lets you rent out a spare room in your house as well.



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2) Turn your driveway into a gold mine

Your driveway is more useful than you might think - especially if it’s just sitting empty right now. Turn it into a money earner with the click of the button.

Finding parking anywhere in the UK can be a challenge. Fill the void in your area and rent your parking space to someone used to playing roulette with public spaces each day. (We can pretty much guarantee you’ll be a total lifesaver.)

Thanks to Stashbee’s interactive map, no matter where in the country you are, you’ll find your tenant soulmate in no time. They’ll love you from day one - no longer will they have to overpay for a spot in a dodgy garage! And it’s all thanks to you.



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3) Host skill- or cultural-based online experiences

We’ll admit that this idea requires a bit more effort than the last two. Bear with us, okay? When lockdown first started, Airbnb and other similar apps launched features for people to host remote experiences. They were perfect for people looking to learn new skills. They’re also a great substitute for learning about other cultures while it’s impossible to travel.

So whether you’ve got the (pork) chops to teach a cooking class or like to put on magic shows, hosting a monthly online experience may be the thing for you. Aside from providing some extra funds, it promises social interaction too. This can be a great way to give your mental health a boost as well.

4) Lend a helping hand to a loved one in need

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be there for our fellow human beings - especially our loved ones.

Unemployment is on the rise, so it’s likely that some in your circle are feeling the pinch more than others. Offering space to a friend or family member that might have fallen on hard times may not be lucrative, but it is a compassionate choice.



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If they’re particularly proud, don’t pitch it as a handout. Offer a temporary rental at your home for less than they’re paying on their existing lease. This could be the thing that tides them over until they’re back on their feet. We can’t promise that these guests won’t raid your fridge (sorry!), but you’ll be helping out a loved one - which, if you ask us, is worth a few missing eggs here and there.

Keep Earning from Your Property

While times may be tough, it’s still possible to make extra money from your property with some help from Stashbee (that’s us!). While you wait to secure your next storage or parking tenant, it might be useful to brush up on some ways to be the perfect host Stashbee style.

This information is never wasted and is good reading fodder while you wait for those extra pounds to pour into your pockets.

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Updated 19th Apr 2023

Written 19th Jan 2021