7 Ways You Can Help Our Healthcare Workers

Wondering how you can help our healthcare workers? These seven tips can help you make their lives that bit easier.
Wondering how you can help make a difference this year? You’re not alone. The pandemic is enough to make anyone feel like there’s nothing they can do to help - other than staying home and washing their hands, of course.

But the truth is there are things you can do - and not just to help yourself and your family, but the people in the most need of assistance. That’s right, we’re talking about our healthcare heroes.

This blog post will walk you through Stashbee’s seven top ways to help our healthcare and NHS workers. Now is the perfect time to look for ways to reduce their stress, increase their safety, and say thanks any way we can!

7 Ways You Can Help Our Healthcare Workers


1. Offer up your parking space

Do you live close to a hospital or healthcare centre? If so, has the following thought ever crossed your mind: Should I rent my parking space out to the workers? If not, we hope it has now - it’s a great way to help our healthcare heroes.

As we all know, finding a parking spot can be stressful at any time. Stashbee’s long-term parking allows you to rent space in your driveway out and lift at least one worry off our healthcare workers’ shoulders. And, when you adhere to our COVID-19 safety guidelines for Hosts, the process is perfectly safe.


2. Donate PPE supplies

Even a year into the pandemic, there are still reported shortages of PPE (aka personal protective equipment). The NHS staff needs billions of PPE items per month, so there’s always a market for additional protective equipment. If you have any spare N95 masks or surgical gloves, call your public health care provider and ask if they could use them.


3. Call ahead before coming in

In these trying times, every sniffle or scratchy throat can feel like a coronavirus symptom - but before coming in, remember that our NHS workers are facing a huge number of patients who are in need of medical assistance. By calling ahead or using online services like NHS 111 for non-emergencies, you can reduce the burden on our health services.


4. Give your local healthcare workers a gift

As it’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 became a household name, many care workers are reporting that they simply don’t have any energy left. Many have been diagnosed with PTSD, and overall, mental health is at an all-time low for healthcare workers. One small way to help is to reach out to a local healthcare worker you might know and give them something - a paid takeout dinner, a small gift, or even just a handwritten card letting them know you appreciate them. Knowing someone out there cares can make all the difference!


5. Volunteer your time

If you have free time, consider donating it. The NHS lists several ways to volunteer, ranging from helping out at the Royal Voluntary Service and the British Red Cross to assisting your local GP. This option is best for those who are willing to commit to a long-term volunteering opportunity. Even if you don’t volunteer directly for the NHS - or if you don’t volunteer seven days a week - you’re still helping to lighten the healthcare load just a bit.

6. Run errands for your healthcare worker neighbours

Running errands for your NHS neighbours helps healthcare workers in two ways. Firstly, you can lessen their exposure to the virus by helping them with essential chores like picking up groceries. Secondly, you’re giving them time back. Healthcare settings today are grueling for many social and care workers - offering NHS staff the opportunity to spend time relaxing and recharging is a priceless gift.


7. Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands

This tip may be the most obvious, but it’s the most useful, too. By protecting yourself and your family, you are protecting the NHS and all the staff who work there.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us. This is especially true for our healthcare workers who are working to keep themselves safe as they help us. By taking basic health precautions, saying no to that get-together, and wearing a mask during all face-to-face interactions, you can help our healthcare workers.

If you appreciate our NHS workers, be sure to shout out on social media to tell them so! Use the hashtag #ThankYouNHS to show your appreciation and let our healthcare workers know their work is valued. And if you have any healthcare neighbours who you’ve helped with these tips, let us know on Twitter.


Updated 13th May 2024

Written 8th Feb 2021