How to Organise a Garage Sale

Rent out a garage with Stashbee to store your things, then sell them with a garage sale! It's easy peasy and a great way to earn some extra money.
Have you found yourself with a lot of stuff that you’re no longer in need of? Perhaps you’re wondering where to put it all, or even how to get rid of it all. Well, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure - and organising a garage sale could be just what you need to get rid of items you no longer want or need. The good news is that you just might earn a little something for your efforts too.

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Store Your Things With Stashbee

When you realise you’ve got more stuff than your home can handle, the first thing you might want to do is have a clear out. Never underestimate the importance of a clear space - it really does lead to a clearer mind and makes you feel better overall. Getting started is easy enough - simply work out what you no longer want to store in your own home, and clear up some space.

The only problem is where to put all the clutter once you’ve cleared it. You might lack the space to store it yourself, or you might not have the time to properly get rid of it or give it away. So in the meantime, why not consider keeping it somewhere nearby? At Stashbee we have loads of Hosts who are looking to rent out their spare space - from spare rooms to garages - where you can store your stuff for the long term, until you decide what you want to do with it.

See just how easy it is to find storage space for rent using Stashbee, and store your things for however long you need.


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Why Not Consider a Garage Sale?

When the time comes, you can utilise the garage you’ve rented and get rid of your things with a garage sale. Believe it or not, no matter how old some of your belongings are, people will be more than willing to have a look around and pay a small price to take it for themselves.

And you could sell anything really. It could be plants, old furniture, books, and so much more. Many people would want or need these things for themselves, or they can find ways to repurpose or upcycle items that are worn out and old. For instance, an old, raggedy chair you no longer want, just might catch someone’s eye as an upholstery opportunity.

Garage sales are not just a chance to earn a bit of money. In fact, you should probably go in with more of a focus on how you’ll be able to give somebody else the chance to love your old belongings. By maintaining that perspective, any extra money you make from the process will just be a welcome bonus!

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Best Garage Sale Tips

If you’re going to arrange a garage sale, the key is to take some time to plan it properly. From getting your items prepped and ready, to advertising it. If you’re wondering what you need to do in order to get your garage sale ready, read on for our top tips:

Organise and clean your items

If you’ve barely taken your stuff out of storage for a while, it might be pretty dusty, so make sure you spruce them up by giving them a decent clean. It’s also handy to have similar types of items positioned together, as this will help make your garage sale look organised and attractive.



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Advertise online

Sure, there’ll be people who will stumble across your garage sale as they go about their day, but if you really want to draw a crowd, your best bet is to advertise it in advance - not just through posters in your local area, but online as well. Promote your garage sale through community pages on Facebook, as well as your personal profile, and look out for any other suitable forums where you can generate some interest before the big day.

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Price items appropriately

Getting the pricing of your items right is crucial for a garage sale. You don’t want things to be too expensive, because they won’t sell, but you don’t want things to be too cheap, otherwise your garage sale might not be worth the effort.

So, how do you set prices for a garage sale? Firstly, look online to find out how much your items are currently fetching, then drop that price by between a quarter to a third. Also, affixing price tags or stickers helps, giving your customers the opportunity to haggle around that price. With no visible price, customers will be less likely to enquire how much something is and just walk away without buying anything.

Make browsing space

Embrace the space you have to the best of your ability by giving customers the best chance of finding something they want to take home with them. You should make sure that you have a couple of clear paths which people can walk down to browse your items. Window shopping is all a part of the garage sale experience, so try to make it as easy for your customers as possible.



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Display your items on tables

If you keep things in boxes or any other storage containers, inquisitive customers may quickly mess up your organisation as they browse, which doesn’t provide the best garage sale experience. Presenting everything on tables makes your customers’ experience better, giving them easy view of and access to the items they might be interested in.

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Be open to haggling

One of the best tips on how to run a successful garage sale is to be open to bargaining with your customers. Garage sale shoppers love a good bargain, and there’s no doubt that they may try to get you to budge on the price of your items. You should never feel pressured about underselling an item, but if the offer is reasonable, that flexibility can make all the difference.

Offer change and carrier bags

It’s always good to have some change available, in case your customers only have notes. Plus, if you have a stash of plastic shopping bags, you can get rid of them by offering your customers an easy way to take their newly-purchased items home with them. They’ll appreciate the offer, and it might even entice them to buy more than they came for.

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And there you have it - some of the best garage sale tips to help you get rid of your stuff and earn a little extra on the side. Plus, it’s a brilliant alternative method of using your everyday garage to store your stuff. If you're looking for a garage to use as a storage spot, at Stashbee there’s loads of spaces to choose from. Plus, if you have a spare garage on your hands, why not rent it out with us? It’s a great way to earn extra income, without having to lift a finger.

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Updated 18th Apr 2023

Written 6th Sep 2021