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Find storage space for rent with Stashbee. Quick, easy, and affordable - it’s storage without the hassle.
Space has never been more important. During the pandemic, we’ve gotten used to socially distancing and learning all about the significance of personal space.

But what about our homes? With lockdowns and more than a little extra time spent at home than usual, it’s time to make space amongst all the clutter.

Clear your home and mind without having to throw away your most prized possessions - thanks to Stashbee.

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Clean Space, Clear Mind

How does the saying go? Clean space, clear mind? It’s often said that the more clutter you surround yourself with, the more distractions you’ll have present, as well as less productivity if you’re working within that space. And with many of us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s probably best to get rid of all those distractions. One recommendation: consider Feng Shui to brighten your home and your mind.

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Perhaps your spare room has always been a storage space. But now you’re working from home and want to use that spare space as a home office instead.

Or you want to redecorate and need somewhere to stash your storage. It’s even possible that you have no idea what you want to do with all of this stuff yet, and just need an available storage space to stash it - and fast!

The only problem now is… Where do I put all this stuff?! We get it. Genuine question. Genuine problem. And Stashbee has a genuine solution: storage space nearby.


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Stashbee Storage Space for Rent

After you’ve decluttered and sorted through your stuff, it’s time to find the perfect storage space for you and your things. Firstly, you probably don’t want to have to travel too far - especially if you don’t have your own vehicle to transport your belongings.

Secondly, you want somewhere affordable - but you don’t want a place that’s only cheap because it cuts corners when it comes to safety and security.

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Thirdly, you don’t want the hassle of long processes. You want to be able to book your storage space and use it. Simple enough - right?

Right! You’re not asking for much when it comes to finding a suitable storage space for rent. We totally understand. That’s why when you’re looking for an available storage space that’s easy to find and simple to book, there’s no better place to find it than through Stashbee.


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Storage Space Made Easy

At Stashbee there’s loads of storage space for rent. And the steps to book your space are easy peasy.
  1. Search by postcode - Get started by typing in the postcode of the area you’re looking for storage in. This will most likely be your own postcode, allowing you to find storage space for rent nearby.
  2. Tailor your search - Next, you can filter your search by selecting any features you want the space to have, by size, or by price.
  3. Pick a date - Choose when you’d like to start your booking and that’s exactly when your rolling monthly booking will start.
  4. Get booking - Some Hosts might have Instant Book on, meaning your booking will be confirmed right away. In cases where you can’t instantly book, you’ll need to wait 24 hours for the Host to confirm your booking.
  5. Stash your stuff - And there you go! Message your Host if you have any questions or just show up and start using the storage space.


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Eventually, either you or your Host will have to issue notice. Hosts will need to give you at least two months' notice or, if you decide you no longer need the space, you’ll need to give your Host at least one month’s notice.

Then, you can move your stuff out of the storage space and return any keys that your Host may have given you.

Sounds easy enough? Well, it is! Clear out the clutter in your home and find storage space for rent with Stashbee without the hassle. It’s the simple solution to your storage problems.

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Updated 19th Apr 2023

Written 28th Jul 2021