How to Rent Out Your Space More Easily

Ready to rent out your space? We’ve rounded up five easy tips on how Stashbee Hosts can boost Guest bookings.
Wondering why your spare space isn’t getting the attention it deserves? If you’ve recently pimped out your spare room or garage to be more renter-ready, but are struggling to boost your bookings, we can help.

We’ve rounded up some top tips for how Stashbee Hosts can ramp up their renting game by making just a few easy tweaks. So, whether you have plans to rent out your parking space or freshen up your front room to a five-star standard, here’s how you can make your space more appealing to potential Guests.


Stashbee’s Top Tips for Renting Out Your Space


1. Rent out parking space too

How often have you driven around in circles trying to bag the perfect parking space? It may not be something you’ve considered before, but if you have an empty driveway, you could make some seriously easy cash. Here are just a few of benefits of renting out your driveway:

  • Listing your parking space for rent with Stashbee is totally free
  • If you live in a prime location (such as a busy city or tourist attraction area), you can charge more
  • Hosts have full control over who parks in their space

Go on - take the road less travelled (pun intended).

2. Quality photography


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and whoever they are, they’re not wrong. Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to help sell your space is by investing in some high-quality photography, which can highlight the room’s best bits. After all, you wouldn’t book a holiday without trawling through images of your desired hotel first, right?

The same rule applies in the storage world. Be sure the room is lit well, and that your photos capture different angles to help Guests visualise the room, and how their stuff could fit into it. Or better still, why not add a video of the storage space so your potential renter can take a virtual tour on their own time? It’s another great way to boost business during lockdown!

3. Deep clean

While renting your garage out is a great way to earn some extra pocket money, we also understand that typically, garages aren’t the most attractive or cleanest of spaces. If anything, they can be pretty gloomy, and a hard sell to boot. But have no fear! We know just how to give those dust bunnies a run for their money.

Dust away unwanted cobwebs, clear out the clutter and give the room a good scrub down - removing any rogue petrol stains or mould is easy when using a microfibre cloth with bleach or vinegar diluted in warm water. You’ll be left with a sparkling spot that Guests can fill with belongings they’re not yet ready to part with.

4. Up your decor game


There’s a whole host (hey, that’s you) of ways you can spruce up your storage space, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a Marie Kondo at heart. To boost your booking appeal, why not freshen the area up a little after you give it a good cleaning? For example, if you’ve got the budget, add a fresh coat of paint. Or to help improve the available space you do have, you can pick up some simple flat pack storage furniture and shelving. Alternatively, why not upgrade some of the existing furniture to give your storage space a whole new look?

5. Really sell your space

This last point may sound really obvious, but in order to pique Guests’ interest in your space, you need to know how to set it apart from the other Hosts - even if their listings are nearly identical to yours. Craft a detailed biography of the space, and be sure to include:

  • Accurate measurements
  • Key details
  • An attractive title
  • Any other unique selling points the space may have that will entice Guests to rent from you

Pair an informative listing with quality images, video content, and the promise of a quick response time to any queries Guests may receive — we’re talking within the hour — and get ready to fill your home, drive, or garage with ALL of the stuff!


Now that we’ve shared our top tips on how to monetise your spare space, you’re hopefully ready and raring to harness your new hosting skills! Discover more about how to rent your storage space with Stashbee, and start seeing results today.

Lauren C

31st Mar 2021