How to Start a Side Hustle: Ideas for the Stay-at-Home Parent

If you’ve been wondering how to make money from home as a stay-at-home parent, we’ve got the side hustle ideas you’ve been waiting for!
If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know all too well the gifts (and sacrifices) that come with being a mum or dad. But while you may have had to say goodbye to a bit of sleep, that doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to an income, too.

We know it’s more than a full time job to be a parent, but if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, there’s always the opportunity to start a side hustle. If you’ve been wondering how to make money from home, we’ve got the scoop on smart side hustles for the stay-at-home parent.


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How to Start a Side Hustle


Starting a business of your own is a great way to balance flexible working hours with raising a child. However, if becoming a part-time CEO seems daunting, there are plenty of other ways to make money from home that aren’t so involved. For example, you could start by renting your parking space for a monthly passive income. It’s a business opportunity that’s easy to get on board with, and a great way to invest in yourself.

Renting your spare space is an easy way to earn extra cash. Wherever you’re at in your side hustle journey, a quick assessment of your skills will point you in the right direction.


1. Get money from your garage or spare room

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This could be just the idea you’ve been looking for. Renting out your garage or spare room as a stay-at-home parent means you’ve got plenty of time to spend with your kiddo. As a Host, you set the expectations for your space.

Taking this on as your home business will feel like a do-nothing day job after a while (in a good way). Once your renter has settled their stuff into the space, boom - the work is done! You may need to keep a close watch on your Hosting dashboardH in case any questions come up from your renter. Other than that, renting your spare space is a flexible job option that allows you plenty of free time while still earning a monthly income.

Take it from us: jobs for stay-at-home mums and dads don’t always have to demand so much of your time and attention. Listing your spare space could be just the type of side hustle you’ve been looking for.



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2. Rent out your driveway

As a stay-at-home dad or mum, you know how important it is to have a safe and secure place to park your car. Give others the same peace of mind - and start a side hustle - by listing your driveway. The process couldn’t be more simple:

  • Measure your space to give renters an accurate idea of how big it is
  • Snap a few photos that showcase your space in natural light
  • Briefly describe the features of your space, like CCTV or if it’s covered

And there you go! Business ideas for stay-at-home dads and mums are closer to home than you might think (quite literally). After you get your driveway listed with us, the last thing to do is to just sit back and let the right renter come to you.


3. Start up that blog

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We’ve all got things we’re passionate about - cooking, cars, sports. So why not share your knowledge and skills with the world by starting a blog. This is a side hustle that can easily be managed at home, because you set your own hours and devote your time to something you really care about.

You can start earning money from your blog by connecting it to Google AdSense or by linking affiliate links from Amazon. If these options don’t float your boat, some platforms - like HuffPost - will pay you per click.

The golden rule when it comes to blogging is to keep your writing consistent and engaging. Before you know it, your audience will be impatiently hitting refresh in anticipation of your next post.




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4. Become a virtual assistant

If you’ve got great grammar and outstanding people skills, you may want to look into a virtual assistantship. Sending emails and keeping a close tab on clients might not be enough to fill full time hours, but some virtual assistant positions will have you editing and posting blogs and coordinating plans.

This at home hustle is for the person who gets a kick out of administrative tasks - they’re out there, trust us. If you’ve got the moxy to be a virtual assistant, places like FlexJobs will usually post these high-in-demand positions.


5. Get going in graphic design

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If you’ve always had a passion for drawing, and maybe even studied graphic design at university some years back, this path might be the one to take. Graphic design is everywhere - on websites, posters, and the covers of books - and the demand for it is always growing.

Jump into this creative market from home by checking out online job listings for graphic design positions. There’s also the option of freelancing, which would give you the flexibility of being your own boss. However you approach it, be sure to build a website for your portfolio, and showcase your latest work to keep clients coming your way.


6. Take online surveys

This is the side hustle that’s so easy, it needs no specialist skills - survey taking. If you don’t have quite the capacity to devote your attention to a full-blown business, taking online surveys is an effortless way to earn extra cash each month.

You may have to familiarise yourself with the subject or product you’re being asked about. Other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward process - you answer questions, you get paid. Sounds like a fair trade to us!




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7. Start working as social media specialist

Chances are, you’re already pretty savvy when it comes to social media - what parent doesn’t love bragging about their child’s achievements online? - so why not get paid for the privilege? As a social media specialist, you’ll be building content for brands to post on their profiles, from Twitter to TikTok. The goal is to engage and grow their audience - remember the golden rule? Keep it engaging and consistent.

This modern side hustle is perfect for the parent who knows their way around different social media platforms. On top of that, if you’ve got a way with words and can get creative when it comes to creating content, this is the idea you’ll want to try your hand at.

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We hope these seven side hustle ideas for stay-at-home parents have got the wheels in your brain turning, and inspire your next move towards bringing in a monthly income. Working mums and dads everywhere will be pleased to know just how easy it can be to start a side hustle.

If you’re ready to rent out your space or are looking for some extra support on getting your spare space listed, connect with our Hosting team today, and get your side hustle off the ground!

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Updated 17th Apr 2023

Written 11th Mar 2021