Which is the Best Sofa Bed With Storage?

Whether you need more space to squirrel stuff away, a spare occasional bed in your home office or your living room has to double up as a bedroom, the place you plonk your backside for a chilled evening of telly could also be a storage saviour.

With sofa beds offering storage under the seat, in the arm rests or with pull out drawers, one could be the answer to creating more space in your home. 

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Sofa beds with limited storage

Many sofa beds come with a space to store the pillows, duvet and bedding you need to transform it from seating space to sleeping place. 

This frees up space in other cupboards and makes sure that you have all you need to hand when making up the bed for the night. 

IKEA has modern looking sofa beds with a small storage area in a limited range of colours for under £700, or more traditional designs for more. 

If you like a more midcentury look, Daals has a sofa bed that might appeal. 

Homary has several concertina designs with a compartment for storage - a few look more like beds when converted and avoid needing to find a spot for the sofa cushions when you’re using the sofa as a bed. 

White Sofa Bed

L-shaped and corner sofa beds with storage

For more generous storage, an L-shaped or corner sofa bed is the answer. The storage being in one section of the sofa makes it easier to access too. 

IKEA has many starting at under £700 that give ample space for the bedding you need and we can vouch for the comfort of the Friheten having had one as our main sofa and a guest bed for five years. 

Habitat has similar sofa beds (the Reagan and the Miller) for £700 and helpfully tells you the size of the storage area. 

John Lewis' storage sofa bed offering will set you back a chunk more cash (prices range from £1159 to over £3000) but has more choice of colour and style. 

DFS has a trio of corner sofa beds with storage starting at £1700. 


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Sofa beds with deep underseat storage

If you need to store more than bedding in your sofa bed, Loaf has a modular sofa bed you can put together in different configurations with plenty of storage under the seats. 

It’s not great for anything you need regular access to, but for storing plenty of stuff away that you don’t need day-to-day (blankets and throws you don’t use in the warmer months) it could be ideal. Be warned, it is pricey though.  

Sofa beds with storage in the arms

There are sofa beds out there with storage in the arms. If the sofa doubles as a bed this is where to stash pillows and bedding. 

The deep, narrow space in the arms might not be as usable as other options though - you don’t want to be rummaging around for small items. 

Sofabedexpert have one to three-seater sofa beds with in-arm storage from £900 in a range of colours. 

Furl’s Metro sofa bed can also come with storage arms but will set you back three times as much. 


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Sofa beds with pull out drawers

Pull out drawers under your sofa bed allow you to get at anything stored there easily. They’re better therefore for things that you need access to regularly - favourite games maybe - or for quickly tidying mess in your living room away. 

They could be a great option for families where the lounge is a kids playroom by day but you want a calm, clutter-free adult space at night. Just stash all the toys in the drawers and relax. 

If you like the Japandi aesthetic, the Futon Company has a range of two and three-seater sofa beds with drawers that fit underneath for bedding and other bits.  

If your bed doesn’t come with pull out drawers, you can add some under bed storage boxes yourself.

Sofa Bed In Cabin

Creating storage under an existing sofa bed

If you already have a sofa bed you love (or have fallen in love with a sofa bed that doesn’t have storage), you might be able to find drawers to slide underneath and create additional storage. 

Look at the Futon Company’s under-sofa bed drawers or measure up the space and see if underbed storage might work; Dunelm, Loaf, John Lewis and IKEA all have options. If the size is right it could be a neat, affordable way to get extra storage into your living space. 

You’ll find a range of finishes including wood and upholstered options and most come on wheels so it’s easy to access what you’ve stored. 


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Creating storage behind an existing sofa bed

If you have space behind your sofa bed (or could create a sliver by moving your sofa bed forward) you could slide a slim console unit into the space. 

There are ingenious ideas for using the space if you’re handy including this from IKEA Hackers

Storage ottomans and footstools

If you’re not in the market for a new sofa bed, a storage ottoman could give you the extra storage space you need. 

A footstool which opens up to reveal a storage space, these are less expensive than a sofa bed but can still offer lots of space to stash stuff. Getting at the bits you’ve hidden away is also easier. 

You’ll find versions in all shapes and sizes at Argos, IKEA, Dunelm, DFS with options for all budgets. 

Furl’s Metro sofa bed can come with a storage footstool that stows away under the sleeping platform when the sofa bed is pulled out - great for a small room but at a hefty price. 

Ottoman for Storage

Organising your storage

If you’re intending to store smaller items in your sofa bed storage space, think about how you’ll organise it so you can find what you need without faff. Boxes within the space can help keep it organised.  

Ultimately the best sofa bed with storage depends on your needs, with how regularly the sofa bed will be slept on, how much storage you need, your style preferences and budget all mattering. 

Need more storage space? Stashbee has storage spaces to rent all over the UK.

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Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 13th Mar 2023