How can I find the best container storage near me?

Looking for safe and secure storage? There’s a lot to consider - cost, size, location. Try our helpful guide on finding the best container storage near you

Whether you’re moving house, decluttering, or upgrading your property with some home renovations, finding conveniently located, secure storage to rent for your belongings is no easy feat. Where do you start?

That’s where the genius of Stashbee’s tailored storage services solutions (toot, toot) comes in. We connect local, verified Hosts with spare space to you when and where you need it, for however long you need it.

Simple, smart, and sustainable - we have high-quality, reliable, and safe storage spaces of all sizes for you.

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What do I need to know about finding the best container storage near me?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning on placing your prized possessions into secure storage units for any length of time. So, before you part with your hard-earned money, we’d advise you to consider the following 4 factors:

  • Location - if you live more than 10 minutes away from the place you're currently storing your stuff, or it takes over an hour to get there by car, then maybe it’s time to find a different kind of storage. And heads up, cheap container storage in London, for example, doesn’t mean low quality either.
  • Size - is one storage container big enough for your needs if you’re only moving into one room? Or do you need something larger if you’re moving out of an apartment or house?
  • Security - what kind of safe and secure storage space do you want? What if someone tries to steal your stuff? What if a tree falls on the container? What if a swarm of alien metal-munching termites hacks into the storage facility…?
  • Reviews - what do the other customers think? Good, bad, or meh, be sure to check out each company’s reviews (And watch out for any reference to those termites).


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What size storage container do I need?

How big are your belongings? We’re not being nosey (honestly) but if you're looking to store a truckload of stuff and have no idea what size storage container you'll need, it might be time for some more decluttering! For example, if you have an old couch that’s no longer needed, why not donate it to charity for a family that can give it a new lease of life? Check out our article on How to declutter sustainably!

Otherwise, there are four relatively standard sizes of storage containers: 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet. To give you more of an idea, a 20ft container can hold about 1 ton of stuff, a 40ft container 2 tons, and a 45ft shipping container just under 3 tons.

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Do I need my own insurance?

What can you expect from container storage insurance? Storage companies will have their own insurance – but this only covers their liability, not your belongings. So their insurance company will pay up (eventually) if your goods are damaged through their negligence, but not if they get trashed via fire, floods, subsidence, earthquakes, or vandalism - sob. 

That’s why we’d always recommend you take out your own cover too, especially if you’re planning on storing anything valuable - be that monetary or sentimental. 

What kind of security can I expect?

Do you want round-the-clock CCTV or staff on site? Or are you happy with a standard lockable door? Will you want 24-hour access or only during normal self-storage opening hours? What about lighting, heating, water, toilet facilities, or maybe access to some lifting equipment for those heavier items? 

It’s worth thinking about price, size, location, and amenities too, for your own peace of mind (and comfort).

What about climate control for my storage items?

If you're storing temperature-sensitive items, this is a question worth asking. Climate control is necessary if you have a box full of priceless artworks and sculptures that need to be kept at a particular temperature and humidity level. But if you're just storing furniture or tools? You don’t need it, provided the storage is secure, clean, and dry.



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What can I not store in a container?

There are a few items you shouldn’t store in a secure container, including frozen food, chemicals, fireworks, ammunition, batteries, plants, and animals. Yes, we’ve heard of the cat who got trapped in a shipping container and was found still alive some months later, but the RSPCA (and storage companies) tend to take a dim view of this sort of thing.

Can I choose how long I rent a storage container for?

Yes, you can choose how long you rent a storage container for, whether that’s for one or two months, six months, or even longer. All shipping container companies operate on monthly rolling contracts, with many offering discounts for longer time commitments, so you can pick fully flexible short and long-term storage solutions that suit you best.
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How do I pay for my container storage rental?

Down to the nitty gritty. Most shipping container companies require a one-month deposit upfront and the first month’s payment in advance. After that, everything else is usually on a direct debit or standing order. 

Most companies will accept most debit and credit cards, including Mastercard, VISA and American Express. But be very wary of any company that asks for cash payments, that just screams dodgy…



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Still looking for container storage?

We hope this quick guide has been a useful dip into the world of container storage, whether you’re looking at personal storage for household items, business storage including stock, or even a classic car for the long term. 

Fun fact: we stored several tonnes of chocolate once, and yes, climate control and CCTV were prerequisites! So, if you’re still looking for “container storage near me”, may we direct you to some excellent options right here because we’d love to help you get started.

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Updated 14th Apr 2023

Written 28th Nov 2022