Temperature controlled storage: What you need to know

If you’re storing something high value or sensitive to temperature, read our guide about temperature controlled storage.
Whether you're moving home or stockpiling products for your business, choosing the best storage option is a big decision. Comparing different quotes and security levels is already a lot to think about.  

On top of that, certain items need extra protection from the elements. If you have valuable or easily damaged items, standard storage might not tick all the boxes. 

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Items like wine, haute couture and electronics all need temperature controlled storage.

What is Temperature Controlled storage?

Temperature controlled storage units keep temperature and humidity levels constant all year round. Storage remains safe from extreme temperatures, whether it's sub-zero or a scorching summer day outside.

This storage solution, also known as climate controlled storage, can regulate more than just temperature. Moisture and air particles are constantly filtered out of units as humidity and dust can damage delicate items.

Investing in climate controlled options will limit faultiness, damage and premature ageing of your storage.

Cold storage room with shelves stacked with packaged items

Which items need Temperature Controlled storage?

The rule of thumb is regular storage for durable items, temperature controlled storage for delicate ones. 

However, If you're a business owner looking to store merchandise it’s best to be overly cautious. Temperature controlled storage will give you peace of mind that your stock is in top condition.


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1) Art, Fashion & Musical Instruments

Galleries and couture warehouses maintain precise temperature and humidity levels and if you’re keeping valuable art in storage you’ll want to take a similar approach.
When it comes to expensive and irreplaceable art, temperature controlled storage is a must, even if items are only in storage for a short stint. 

2) Files and Documents

Paperwork can become warped and mouldy in damp conditions or fade if overheated. When looking to store important documents long term it's important to take extra precautions to keep them legible!

3) Technology

In warmer weather, sensitive electronics can malfunction. Putting expensive tech into basic storage, particularly during the summer months, is a dangerous game. Climate controlled units can avoid high humidity and keep your tech in top condition.

4) Long term storage

For heavy duty items, regular storage will do just fine for the short-term. However, if you’re storing items for a longer period, it might still be worth considering a climate controlled unit. 

For example, tools and bicycles are pretty durable, but after a few months in regular storage they may begin to rust and corrode. Anyone lucky enough to travel for months at a time might want to spare a thought for the things they leave behind and invest in a temperature controlled storage space. 

Image of a cold storage room with racks and cabinets

How much does Temperature Controlled storage cost?

In 2021, standard storage in the UK went for £26.31 per square foot per year. Climate controlled storage units are a far more advanced option so quotes are generally higher. However some companies offer the same price for climate controlled storage. We’ve recommended a few below.

This is a highly personal service. Whether you’re looking for a small locker to store pharmaceuticals in, or a warehouse for fine art,  it’s important to shop around and compare quotes.

As with everything, location plays a big part. Temperature controlled storage options are most expensive in Greater London and become cheaper with distance from the capital. 

Important Factors to consider when using Temperature Controlled storage

There are many general factors to consider that may affect cost. Don’t get caught up in the details and forget your basic storage requirements!

1) Certification

Make sure that you can rest easy knowing your delicate goods are in ideal conditions. The best climate controlled storage will be laboratory tested and certified. 

Many companies offer inspections upon arrangement. If you want to check in on your storage’s upkeep make sure this is an option.

2) Security

When storing valuables that are important to you or your business, security is top priority. Look into a storage company's guarantee policy and alarm set up to make sure they can be trusted with your items.


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3) Transport

Climate sensitive valuables are at their most vulnerable during transit. Does the service include bespoke cases? Or relocation to and from the facility? You need a service you can trust at every part of the process so check that temperature controlled boxes and storage vans are available.

Cold storage room full of empty racks

Temperature controlled storage in London

1) Easistore

Easistore is a British storage company with a great reputation. Their four main sites across Kent and Sussex are all less than 2 hours drive from central London.

At their Tunbridge Wells site an 100 square foot storage space goes for £67.20 per week for the first 52 weeks. There is no premium for their climate controlled units

An 100 square foot storage space is roughly the size of a small garage, so this company could be a reliable option for small business owners looking to keep stock in top condition.

2) ByStored

ByStored is a smaller company with climate-control storage options that has over 13,000 customers and an excellent satisfaction rating. They also offer highly rated pick up and relocation services.

Like Easistore, climate controlled units go for the same price as regular ones. In central London a 100 square foot unit costs £272 per month when you choose their 6 month+ deal which includes free pick up.

3) Edward Baden

Edward Baden is one of the more high-end storage services. They offer state of the art storage and relocation service. If you need climate controlled storage for a big project (think relocating a mid-size business or storing collector’s items) Edward Baden may be your top pick

Edward Baden is often offers 10% deals, check out their website for more information.


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If you're looking for more storage options near you, Stashbee has thousands of options all round the UK, including garages, lock-ups, shipping containers and many other.

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30th Jan 2023