Parking Bollard Installation - A Stashbee guide

Looking into installing a parking bollard? Check out our guide on what you should consider beforehand.
If you've ever parked a car, chance are you know what a parking bollard is. There is a reasonable chance you may have nudged one with the bumper of your car.

If you're considering installing a car parking bollard in your parking space, then this is the guide for you.

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1. What is a Parking Bollard?

In simple terms, a bollard is a barrier that can be located at the front of a parking space or driveway to prevent vehicles from driving or parking in the space.

Parking bollards are most commonly found in front shops, but can also be installed on a private driveway. Bollard can also be found in town centres, especially in pedestrianised areas.

Whilst parking bollards probably won't make the top of your Christmas list, they are pretty useful when it comes to privacy and security.

Whether you run a commercial premises, or are simply considering whether to install a bollard on your own property, allows us to break down the benefits of the humble Parking Bollard.

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2. Do Parking Bollard Help With Privacy?

There’s nothing worse than when you arrive back home to find a strangers' car parked in your space. Parking Bollards give you control to decide who can and can’t access your parking space.

There are two main methods for operating a bollard: manual key and remote controlled. Usually, a manual bollard comes with a key, or a hoop for a padlock which once in place, prevents the bollard from being moved or folder. Automatic bollards come with a specific remote control, or for the most modern bollards, a smartphone app.

If you decide to rent out your parking space via Stashbee, there is the option to ask for a security deposit, to cover you in the unlikely case that the key, padlock or remote control goes missing.

3. Are Parking Bollards Secure?

According to official data released by the Driving Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), a car in the UK is stolen every 11 minutes. A well Placing a bollard in the right place can be a great way to deter thieves.

It's worth making sure that someone wouldn't be able to drive around the bollard if they really wanted. Sometimes the best solution for this is to install more than one bollard.

It is common for large buildings, especially commercial properties, to by surrounded by fixed parking bollards. This is usually to protect the building and pedestrians form any accidents.

Parking bollards can create a safe barrier between traffic, and the building and the people around it. Flexi or bendy bollards are popular for this situation as they absorb impact with minimal damage to the poles and vehicles. 

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4. How to Install a Parking Bollard

If you own the land (and driveway or parking space), you can do as you please. Private landowners are able to add parking posts, bollards without seeking permission.

For those renting property, it's worth contacting the landlord or housing association. Often, they'll be happy to foot the bill for parking bollard installation.

DIY Installation

If you plan to install a parking bollard yourself, there are many online stores which sell them such as Amazon, Bollards Direct, and Barriers Direct.

Professional Installation

If you plan to get a parking bollards done professionally (be in now down that it has been installed correctly), we've compiled a list of some of the companies that install bollards in the UK, so you can compare them easily. Most of them have great testimonials that report excellent customer service.

5. Should I Buy a Parking Bollard?

The price of a fixed bollard can range from as little as £25 if you install a low cost version yourself, up to several thousand pounds for the high-end industrial, remote controlled bollards. So it's safe to say there's a very big range.

Most parking hosts on Stashbee who have bollards report spending in the range of £100-£200 to install a bollard. That's about the same as the amount they earn on Stashbee each month by renting their parking space out.

The trusty orange traffic cone does of course provide a cheap alternative, but there is no guarantee it won't be moved, stolen or not.

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6. What Types of Parking Bollard are there?

There are three main types of bollards. Listed in the table below are a few distinctive descriptions to help you find the type most suited for your use.
Type Description
  • They are fixed into the ground, hence the name - how inventive
  • Long lasting
  • Installed by bolts into ground or placed in dug up section of ground
  • Can be automatically operated - A pricier option but easier use
  • Fold down into the post that are fixed into the ground
  • Folding movement operated by a key 
  • Can be automatically operated - A pricier option but easier use
  • Retractable bollards are placed into a fixed slot in the ground
  • Can be moved by a key and taken out of the ground

There are lots of variations of these three main bollard types. Here is some detail on the main ones:
Bollard Name Description What it’s good for
  • Fixed into the ground at a minimal height but can be lengthened by a pulling movement and mounted with a key
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Security 
  • Residential / Domestic use
Bendy / flexi
  • Designed to absorb impact 
  • Fixed bollard mounted into ground
  • Long lasting 
  • Security 
  • Residential / Domestic use
Automatic Bollards
  • Can be folding or fixed bollards.
  • Automatically move into the ground so that they are level with the ground
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • For larger parking spaces
  • Security 
  • Residential / Domestic use
Parking Posts
  • Used to designate land into divided spaces
  • Commonly fixed bollards 
  • For larger parking spaces
Parking Barriers
  • Commonly in the form of a folding barrier
  • Barrier to monitor vehicles that are let into parking spaces
  • Automatic barriers
  • For larger parking spaces
  • Security

Whether you install a parking bollard or not, if you have a parking space or driveway, you could be earning thousands of pounds by renting it out on Stashbee, the UK’s largest storage and parking marketplace? Find out more about becoming a Stashbee Host, and how much you could be making here.

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Updated 14th Apr 2023

Written 18th Jan 2023