The Ultimate Guide to Twickenham Stoop Parking

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You probably have heard of the name “Twickenham Stoop” - particularly if you live in London and are a Rugby goer. This is a household name for big rugby sports fans who watch the game at “the Stoop.” This guide covers:

  • What is the Twickenham Stoop 
  • Parking on match days at Twickenham Stoop stadium 
  • Getting to the Stadium | Transport form
  • Parking on non-match days

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What is the Twickenham Stoop

The Twickenham Stoop informally called “The Stoop” is home to the Harlequins rugby union team, a team in the Gallagher Premiership. Situated in south-west London, which makes for an accessible road network in central London.

The Twickenham Stoop stadium is located just across the road from the much more famous Twickenham Stadium. The Stoop was acquired in 1963 by Harlequins and sits on a 14-acre ground measuring 57,000m2. The capacity of the stadium is 14,800 and it is where the rugby games go down.

The Stoop is a choice location for die-hard rugby fans and big supporters of the Harlequins Men and Women's teams. It has also recently played host to the 'Red Roses' - the England Women's rugby union team.

Twickenham Stoop Parking on Match Days

On match days, Twickenham is usually filled with sports enthusiasts and home and away fans, this is because no one wants to miss out on the games. If you want to watch the games hassle-free, do well to plan ahead of time and figure out the following:

  • The means of transportation to use 
  • The distance from your arrival terminal to the Twickenham Stoop stadium
  • Where to park if you are coming with your private car

Whatever means of transportation you choose to use doesn’t matter so long you do proper planning ahead of booking for an event. You can use Google maps to quickly locate the Stoop on match day if you are familiar with navigating using Google maps. We strongly advise that you book for parking well ahead of match day as there is limited parking at the stadium.



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Getting to Twickenham Stoop | Transport Form

The choice of transportation you decide to use is hugely based on choice and convenience. You can use both public and private transport to arrive at Twickenham Stoop ahead of the games. We advise arriving at least 2 hours before the start of a match to give you enough time to socialize and explore the free activities at the North Village:

  • Face Painting
  • Pass Like A Pro 

You can also take a walk to Twickenham stadium which is only a 15-minute walk from the Stoop.  

The Stoop map captures the different stands in the stadium, the gates (general and hospitality gates), the North car park and Rosebine car park, bike racks, ticketing offices, hospitality location, the North Village and the Langhorn drive leading to the stadium among others.  

Public transport 

Twickenham can be accessed via four main public transport forms:

  • Bus
  • Air
  • Train 
  • Tube

These different forms of transport have varying distances and walk times from the arrival terminal to the Stoop:


Bus stops with a short walk distance to Twickenham Stoop stadium:

  • Kneller Hall (Stops A or Q) - 3-minute walk
  • Tayben Avenue (Stops P or B) - 5-minute walk
  • Twickenham Stadium (Stops N or C) - 7-minute walk

The best services with regular buses passing the stadium are; 281, 267, 481, 681, H20.


Here are your best rail station arrival terminals that are closest to the Stoop. 

  • Twickenham Station - 15-minute walk
  • Whitton - 18-minute walk


There are not too many tube stations close to the Stoop without a significant walk, but we are sure you will find the odd pub en route - the closest are:

  • Richmond (District Line) - 45-minute walk
  • Hounslow East (Picadilly Line) - 45-minute walk
  • Hounslow Central (Picadilly Line) - 45-minute walk


If you are coming from further afield, and are flying in, your best route in would be to Heathrow Airport:

  • Heathrow: 7.6 miles via Bath Rd/A4 - 35-min drive


Coming for match day with your private car is a great choice as you have more flexibility in enjoying the scenery before and on arrival at the Stoop.

There is limited on-site parking available for private cars at the Stoop. The few available on-site parking slots are pre-reserved for international matches.

Another popular choice is Rosebine Car Park, just off the A316 - you can just drive up to this option.



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Twickenham Stoop Parking on Non-Match Days

Looking to park at the Stoop on a non-match day, no worries as there is less hassle and more available controlled parking.

Final Thought

The Twickenham Stoop Stadium is home to the Harlequins Rugby Union team. Proper planning is required to enjoy events at the Stoop such as deciding the; best form of transportation to use, the best time to get parking slots for personal cars, pre-booking for event days, pre-booking for hospitality and premium match experience, reserving parking slots, and planning for site-seeing.

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Updated 13th Apr 2023

Written 14th Dec 2022