How to Make Extra Money from Home Safely During the Lockdown

Whether times are tight or you just want a little more income, this list will give you tried-and-tested ideas for how to make extra money from home.
Making extra money from home is always a good idea. And with all the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought with it, we’ve got even more reason to want to make some cash.

In this article, we show five of the best ways to make extra money from home safely in the time of coronavirus – from freelance writing to renting out your garage.



How to Make Extra Money from Home

Here is our list of five of the best ways to add a little extra to your income.

1) Rent Out your Extra Space

While restrictions on gatherings and travel have made it harder to earn money from holidaymakers, Stashbee’s COVID safety guidelines mean our hosts can still earn extra money by renting out their unused space for storage or parking.

And it’s as easy as ever to get started. Just add in your details, create a listing and set your price. Our Instant Book function allows guests to complete bookings automatically, and our dedicated customer service team is here to support you through every step.

If this sounds good to you, why not turn your unused space into a money maker?



2) Start an Online Side Hustle

Who doesn’t love a good side hustle? Whether you have another job or not, it’s a great feeling making money out of your hobbies or in your spare time.

Due to COVID restrictions, some side hustles are of course off the table. But luckily, there are plenty of safe options to explore online. Starting a second-hand store can be a simple way to get rid of your old clothes without having to go full Marie Kondo, while those with an interest in arts and crafts can turn to sites like Etsy to sell original designs and trinkets. 

You can even market directly through social media, building your own relationships and mailing your products to customers without having to go through a middleman. Like a boss.



3) Take on Freelance Work

If you don’t fancy yourself as a self-employed person, there are plenty of ways to pick up extra income from home by getting paid to work for others. 

If you have any professional experience with the written word, you can pick up freelance writing gigs - a great way to get some cash for your skills. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork offer a huge variety of freelance jobs, connecting those who need something done with those with the skills to do it. 

While lockdown and isolation rules mean you probably won’t be able to take on in-person jobs any time soon, there are plenty of things to do remotely – from editing and logo design to posting on social media. Just look through the jobs to see what’s available. 

Finally, you can actually make the lockdown situation work for you by taking on work as a virtual assistant. With so many office jobs moving to work-from-home models, there’s never been a better time to freelance as an online administrative assistant.



4) Begin Tutoring 

Similarly, the uncertainties of the last year have made many parents concerned about how their children are doing at school. Taking on work as a tutor offers you an effective way to make some money while helping parents and children, giving them the stability they may well be missing after a year of homeschooling, cancelled exams, and other stressful things.

It’s free to sign up as a tutor on many sites, and once you do you can create your profile and often set your own rates. While you might need to hustle for clients, many of these sites will send you regular emails to keep you in the loop about opportunities. 

Some tutors also find work through agencies, which can help you find more clients than you might otherwise and can support you with any issues that might come up.

This will probably mean dusting off some of your academic knowledge from school or university, but it can be really rewarding work once you get into it.



5) Try Investing 

You already need a bit of extra money to try investing, but it can be a great way to earn extra money online and do more with your savings. 

Most people are at least vaguely aware that investing in stocks and shares can make you a profit if you play it right, and with Bank of England’s base rate currently at 0.1%, even relatively low-risk investments offer higher returns than most savings accounts.

Still, it can be daunting to try to get into trading as a newcomer. It’s a very complicated world, with no guarantee of returns and varying degrees of risk at all levels.

Don’t let that put you off, though. More and more people are realising that they can invest a little and still take home a tidy profit. There are brokers and other professionals who can help you, plus a wide range of apps to get you started.


We hope this article has given you some ideas for how to make extra money from home safely during Covid. If you find yourself setting up a successful side hustle, share your story with us at Stashbee!



25th Nov 2020