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Rent a Parking Space in Tower hamlets

Tower Hamlets might have gotten its name thanks to the historical link between the Tower of London and the hamlets in the area, but parking space shortages are anything but historical.

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Making Your Booking

We’ve got everything you need to know about making a parking space booking in Tower Hamlets. It only takes a couple of quick steps to get you through to our *super exciting* booking confirmation page.

Start by entering the name of the location you’re interested in on our home page (or hey, even up above if you’re set on Tower Hamlets!). Remember to choose ‘parking’ instead of ‘storage’ in the ‘I need’ section. Hit the search button and you’ll be redirected to all the active listings in your chosen area in no time at all.

Take your time and look through the various options in order to find one that matches exactly what you’re after. There are more than 10 different features and usage filters available to help you get as specific as possible.

Once you’ve found the right listing, enter the start date, as well as the booking duration. That’s it! Hit the ‘Book Space’ button and your request will be fired off after payment has been processed.

How to Pay

For your booking to be processed, you’ll be asked to enter payment details (credit or debit) first. The payment is held in your account as soon as you make a request for a new booking.

If the Host declines for some reason, the amount is refunded back to you straight away. When a booking is approved, you can expect to pay the Host monthly for the rental, in advance of the 30 days ahead.


Safe and Secure Booking Every Time

The Stashbee team prides itself on always facilitating safe and secure bookings - and we’re not just talking about doing so on a payment level (although that’s also safe as houses). We’ve got all kinds of checks and balances in place to guarantee protection for bookings of all lengths:

Booking protection

Expect to sign our Booking Terms as soon as you make a request for a new rental. Your Host will have to do the same, which will ensure that you’re both entering into the agreement on the same page. If you ever want to double check something in the terms, you can find your signed agreement on your Stashbee dashboard.

If you’re worried about a listing being created by a bot, don’t be. Before any listings go live on Stashbee, Hosts have to verify their identities. This helps to preserve the legitimacy of the booking process at all times.

Our friendly team and Help Centre are also there to answer any questions you may have during the booking process.


Because insurance isn’t covered for parking space rentals, some Hosts feel more comfortable when Guests pay a small security deposit before the booking period kicks off. This isn’t a requirement, but it does offer them some protection in case of late payments, cancellations outside of the cooling off period, and so forth.

If everything goes according to plan, like it usually does, the full amount will be paid back into your account when the booking wraps up. There’s very little for you to worry about as Guest, especially if you’ve updated your car insurance before parking your car in the rented space for the first time.

Payment protection

Thanks to our friends at Stripe, payments on the Stashbee platform are safe and secure every time. You’ll never be prompted away from the website to make your monthly payment.

Payments are also covered in other ways, including in the Booking Terms we’ve already mentioned, as well as our Cancellations and Refunds policy. As long as you handle all payments directly through Stashbee, we’ve got you covered under both of these, as well as our general Terms and Conditions.


Booking a Parking Space During COVID-19

The pandemic has made interacting with people slightly more challenging than in the past. This doesn’t mean that you should be scared to engage with a potential Host (and miss out on that amazing parking space near work). It just means that we all have to think a little bit differently about how the process goes down.

The Stashbee team got to work as soon as lockdown orders were issued, creating a dedicated updates page that offers tips to facilitate safe interactions during these uncertain times.

We took things a step farther by also offering more flexibility for changes to bookings, as well as extending the cooling off period for cancellations, provided you can prove it is COVID-19 related.


Can I Park on Single Yellow Lines in Tower Hamlets?

Yes, under certain circumstances. Single and double yellow lines are there to help make the roads safer for everyone. They are meant to help prevent accidents caused by obstructions, especially during rush hour traffic.

Single yellow line parking is allowed in Tower Hamlets, but only outside of the restricted times shown on the nearby signs themselves. Remember to double check these times, as they can vary from area to area.

Parking on a double yellow line is never allowed. Doing so by mistake can end up being a very costly activity. If you’d prefer not to tempt fate, book a parking spot with Stashbee with zero risk of penalties instead.

How Do I Get a Parking Permit in Tower Hamlets?

There are five different parking permits to choose from in Tower Hamlets. Each is priced according to the estimated amount of CO2 emissions your vehicle will emit on the road.

Residence parking permitsare relatively common, but getting one involves a series of relatively complicated steps (check out the Tower Hamlets government website for more info on that). When you see exactly what this entails, you might be tempted to have a look at some of our available parking space listings instead.

The application itself requires a lot of documentation. We’re talking proof of address, proof of vehicle ownership, and more. Your documents also can’t exceed 20MB or the application won’t be processed, and you’re right back to square one.

Where Can I Park with a Blue Badge in Tower Hamlets?

Blue Badges are there to help people who are registered blind or have severe walking difficulties find accessible places to park in town. The badges are issued to those with the disability, and don’t apply to their carers or relatives.

There are numerous disabled parking bays for Blue Badge holders in Tower Hamlets. You should also note that there are no less than 17 instances where Blue Badge holders are not allowed to park under any circumstances.

This is where a guaranteed parking space with Stashbee might come in handy. You can be sure you’ll have a dedicated parking spot and avoid unexpected fines later.

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