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With Stashbee’s help, it’s easy to focus your energy on how Brighton is doing in the Premier League, rather than worrying about where in the city you can store your stuff.

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Renting Storage Space and Garages in Brighton With Stashbee

It only takes a couple of minutes to rent out a storage space or garage in Brighton with Stashbee. Our interactive platform is designed to make the process as simple as possible, allowing Guests to land the perfect rental based on their personal or business-related storage needs.

Getting started

Enter your location at the top of this page to see all available listings in the area right away. After finding one that tickles your fancy, enter the specific dates you're interested in and remember to add your payment information after you click ‘Book Space’. The potential Host will receive your request right away, and the booking should be confirmed within 24 hours.

Protections related to the booking

We’re proud to offer comprehensive security for our Hosts and Guests throughout the whole process. Payment protection is provided by Stripe, a global leader in the payment processing field, who also handles the safeguarding of your personal information. That means your sensitive information will never be stored on our local servers.

Stashbee offers additional protection through our Booking Terms, which must be signed by Hosts and Guests before the booking can commence. On top of being covered by Stashbee’s general Terms & Conditions, Guests and Hosts also have around the clock access to our dedicated support staff, who are ready to speedily handle any queries related to the booking.

Storage insurance and deposits

All of Stashbee’s Brighton storage space rentals include insurance, in order to protect both parties in the event of unforeseen damage or loss. Hosts may also ask for a small deposit to mitigate risk of late or missed payments further down the line. The full cost of the space will be shown on the listing and once the booking has run its course, the balance is refunded to the Guest in full.

What Do I Need to Know When Renting Storage in Brighton?

Brighton has a variety of storage providers, each of which comes with its own conditions, restrictions and varying prices. Some suppliers are pedantic about the types of products they will let you store in their units. That often means that premiums are applied when a Guest discloses that the space is being used to store business merchandise, rather than personal belongings.

With Stashbee, rentals are priced based on the size of the space and nothing else. Our platform was designed to showcase the sharing economy in action - the idea is that Guests and Hosts walk away equally satisfied that they both got a fair deal at the end of the booking term.

How Do I Find Garage Storage in Brighton?

Garage storage can be hard to come by in any city, unless you have a trustworthy extended family member that can bail you out at the last minute. It’s probably not a good idea to test the patience of any of your next of kin, so banking on this route for an indefinite period isn’t the most viable option at your disposal.

Stashbee’s patience, on the other hand, will never wear thin, even if you need a storage space in Brighton for upwards of six months. Our platform not only makes it an affordable prospect, but gives you a variety of sizes to choose from at different rates. Better yet, you can even change Hosts if you find a better deal as time goes on.

Is Self Storage Still Safe During COVID-19?

When you’re with the right provider, self storage is very safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Stashbee team is super proud of its efforts to encourage this, creating a COVID updates page as soon as the first lockdown hit.

The idea behind the page was to help Guests and Hosts avoid the awkward half-hug, half-elbow tap when they met each other in person for the first time. It gives tips about setting rules and making interactions safer in general, offering advice to Hosts who want to clean their space more efficiently. It even touches on our flexible cancellation policy, which increases the cooling off period for Guests who may need to cancel because of a COVID-related emergency.


Local Spaces

Verified Users

Simple Pricing

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