Rent Flexible and Cost Efficient Warehouse Space

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Renting warehouse space with Stashbee is a secure and cost effective way to store stock for your business, whatever its size.

Storing within the spare capacity of our warehouse network means there no long-term lease commitments, mitigating risk for your business.

Our flexible pricing model also maximises efficiency, meaning you only pay for what you use.

How Does It Work?



Our flexible pricing model also maximises efficiency, meaning you only pay for what you use.



Enter your requirements and any details of your business into the booking form. Chat with the warehouse owner through our messaging platform to request further information or to arrange a viewing of the warehouse space.



Once both parties are happy, you’ll transact through our secure and intuitive platform. We operate on monthly rolling contracts, so once you’ve paid your first month’s rent and signed the legal framework, you’re free to move into your warehouse space.

What Our Users Say

Benefits of Renting Warehouse Space with Stashbee


Only pay for the warehouse space you use, minimising excess capacity and maximising your operating efficiency.


Our network of warehouse spaces offers a number of solutions to cater for individual needs - including pallet racking, open shelf storage systems and bespoke storage containers.

Dedicated Service Support

To ensure the process is a smooth as possible, one of our friendly team will be on hand to assist you in finding your perfect warehouse space.

Rigorous Security Checks

We take security very seriously, so all warehouse owners have their identity verified by an independent third party.

Secure Payment Platform

We provide the payment infrastructure for you to securely rent your warehouse space. Payments are handled seamlessly by our third party payment provider and paid to the owner on your behalf.

Store within the spare capacity of our Warehouses throughout the country