How Stashbee Can Help Business Owners During the Lockdown

Find out how Stashbee can help provide help for small business owners. Rent out your spare space and earn extra cash - it’s that simple!
COVID-19 has been a trying time for many of us - and businesses have most definitely felt the wrath of the pandemic. With lockdowns imposed throughout the last year, many businesses have had to shut down or pause their trade. But what if it’s not all doom and gloom? It’s time to take a negative and turn it into a positive with Stashbee.

We know the lockdowns have had a massive impact on big businesses, especially high street retailers - and that’s without even mentioning how badly smaller businesses were hit. Even if you’ve had to shut your doors for the time being, we’re pleased to announce that there are other ways business owners can make sure money continues to flow - the Stashbee way!

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Help for Small Business Owners

You’re a small business owner and you’re raring to go, but one thing is stopping you: the lockdown. We know it can be frustrating, having to put a pause on things and close down temporarily. But we have a solution…

When running your own business, you most likely have a space that you use (or did, anyway - it could be spare office space now that most employees are working from home). However, with your business being temporarily closed, it’s probably not getting its proper use. Instead of just letting your extra space sit there, why not put it to work for you - and earn a little extra income in the process?

And, happily, it’s nothing too strenuous. Just a few simple steps and you can rent out your extra space with Stashbee. Someone can start to put your spare space to use, all whilst you sit back and rake in the cash.


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Get Your Space Listed on Stashbee

Firstly you’ll need to create a listing (which is completely free, by the way!). During this process you’ll fill out what your spare space can be used for (storage and/or parking), where your space is, how much of it Guests can use, and what features the space has (CCTV, locks, and more).

Once you’ve filled in all that information, publish your listing and your space will become fully live and bookable. We also have a 10-step guide to renting out your space to help you get your listing live and become a Host with Stashbee.

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Stashbee Host Benefits

Aside from earning a little extra income, Stashbee provides support and help for small business owners. Being a Host with Stashbee signs you up to added benefits so your space is secure whilst renting it out. These include:
  • Seamless payments - Earnings go into your Stashbee wallet, which then go straight into your bank account
  • Verification checks - We’ll verify Guests for most bookings, so you can feel safe knowing who will be using your space
  • Security deposit - We’ll hold a deposit, which will only be given back to the Guest once you have confirmed that the space has been fully cleared and left undamaged
And that’s all without mentioning the other benefits Stashbee Hosts can look forward to, like Booking Protection and more. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure renting out your spare space, after all.


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Stashbee Support

We love to support our users, and that includes help for small business owners. When you rent out your office space with us, we always insure Guests’ stuff whilst it's in your possession, just in case anything goes wrong (this doesn’t include vehicles that are stored or parked though).

Plus, we’ll chase any late payments should a Guest fall behind. And, of course, if you ever need to get in touch with us, we’ll always be here. Check out our Help Centre to see if we answer your question there - or feel free to give us a call or drop an email whenever you like.

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Make use of your unused space through Stashbee and continue to earn even while your business is on furlough, all whilst feeling secure with our Host benefits. It’s the least we can do to help small business owners during lockdown!

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Join thousands of Stashbee Hosts, start earning now

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Updated 14th Apr 2023

Written 15th Feb 2021