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Richmond has a long history of being voted the happiest borough in London. But finding a parking space anywhere near the Royal Botanical Gardens can lead anyone to, well, not-so-happy thoughts.

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If you are planning on driving in London, check out our guide to the ULEZ expansion to learn how to avoid getting stuck with additional fees.

Making a Booking with Stashbee

If you’re looking for a parking space that’s well lit, safe, and served with a side of peace of mind, we’ve got your back. Making a booking on our platform is pretty easy, if we say so ourselves:

  1. Start by hovering over to the parking menu on our website. From there, click on either parking spaces or locked garages. While you’re at it, bookmark both for later.

  2. Once you’re on the parking spaces page, enter your location (or click the handy ‘nearby’ button, to show all the long-term listings around you). If you’re looking for parking in Richmond, just scroll up!

  3. When you’ve found your parking space soulmate, enter the dates you'd like to book directly on the listing page.

  4. Finally, click on ‘Book Space’ and wait for the Host to respond. You’ll be asked to enter your payment details before the request goes through if you haven’t done so already.

Paying for Your Space

With Stashbee, payments are charged on a monthly basis. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re going to be charged before you commit. We’re talking zero hidden fees, ever.

The first payment is held in your account once you click ‘Book Space’. If the Host declines, the payment gets returned to your account right away.

How Stashbee Facilitates Secure Bookings

These days, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. The Stashbee team knows this, so our goal is to offer secure bookings at all times, no matter the rental type.

These systems should give Hosts and Guests an idea of how serious we are when it comes to facilitating secure bookings:

Protection for bookings

It’s true. Protection for your booking starts before you’ve even found a listing you like. Our listings only go live once the identity of the Host has been verified.

Along with this, our Booking Terms are there to make sure both parties are happy throughout the entire process. The terms are there to give Hosts and Guests clarity about what they’re agreeing to in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings along the way.

Although storage space rentals are covered by Stashbee’s insurance, parking space rentals aren’t. As a final precaution, we encourage all Guests to update their car insurance before the rental kicks off.

Protection for payments

Online transactions are only fun when they’re safe and secure. For this very reason, we’ve enlisted the help of the payment provider Stripe to manage all of our transactions. They care about data protection as much as we do, which is why we love working with them.

Our Cancellations and Refunds policy has been put in place as an extra layer of payment protection. If you keep interactions and transactions on Stashbee’s platform, you’re also covered under our general Terms and Conditions in case there are any problems with your booking later.

Protection for deposits

Some (but not all!) parking space Hosts ask for a security deposit as an act of good faith, especially when a lengthy agreement is in the cards.

This deposit acts as a buffer in the event of late or missed payments along the way. As a Guest, you will be charged the full deposit amount when you first submit a booking request. When the agreement ends and both parties are satisfied, the full amount is paid back in one go.


Staying Safe During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought a great deal of change to the world. The Stashbee team has done what we can to make sure that Hosts and Guests feel supported and informed about how the pandemic might affect their bookings.

We’re not going to lie - we’re high fiving ourselves for keeping our services running at full speed all the way through the first year of the pandemic.

Over this time period, we’ve also created a dedicated page for the latest updates on our end as lockdown restrictions have come and gone (and, well, come again). From safety tips to help Guests and Hosts have mutually safe interactions to offering advice on what to do if you need to cancel your booking outside of the 24-hour cooling off period, we’ve tried to make things easier for everyone involved.


Is Parking Free in Richmond Park?

Yes. There are a lot of car parks in Richmond Park and its surrounding area, mostly to stop people from parking on the grasslands or the road itself (both are big no-nos).

Because parking is free of charge, the area can get very busy over weekends, bank holidays, and during the festive season. Many people arrive early and end up spending the entire day parked in a space, resulting in full car parks and “latecomers” having to go look elsewhere.

More importantly, vehicle gates for these car parks are locked at different times during the course of the year. This means that a lot of people are served with hefty fixed penalty notices for leaving their cars in the parking area after the gates are locked for the day. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

You can avoid having this happen to you by renting a parking space with us instead. It will save you a lot of headaches, especially at the end of a long and tiring day out.

How Much Is It to Park at Richmond Station?

Richmond Station is often used as an alternative to parking at Richmond Park. Because it’s a short walking distance from attractions like the Richmond Theatre, Kew Gardens, and even Twickenham Stadium (good to know for post-pandemic life), people are more willing to pay for one of these bays. There are a little over 400 parking bays available in the space altogether.

Parking at Richmond Station costs £3.60 per hour, with overnight rates fixed at £7.10. This can work out to be quite expensive over the course of a full day. And unlike with a Stashbee parking space, you can’t come and go as you please, knowing that your space will always be there for you.

Can You Park on Single Yellow Lines in Richmond?

Yes (and no). There are plenty of single yellow lines all over the Richmond area, always offering some form of parking temptation to locals... especially to those who are running late for an important appointment.

While you’re allowed to park on single yellow lines in Richmond, you can only do it outside of the restricted times shown on the nearby signs.

Many people assume that one sign will have the same restrictions as another in a nearby neighbourhood. This isn’t the case, and can result in an unexpected parking ticket on a day when it’s the last thing you need (aka every day.

Avoid this problem altogether by booking a long-term parking space in the area with us instead.

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