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If you’re struggling to find affordable short-term or long-term parking in Shoreditch, then Stashbee is here to help. We can connect you with local Hosts who have parking spaces they’re not using, so you can find a secure and affordable spot that’s exclusively yours.

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If you are planning on driving in London, check out our guide to the ULEZ expansion to learn how to avoid getting stuck with additional fees.

Making a Booking with Stashbee

Driving in Shoreditch is enough of a nightmare and trying to find a parking spot only makes things worse. By renting a parking space in Shoreditch with Stashbee, you’ll have guaranteed parking in a location that suits you.

Once you’ve found a space that you like the look of, you can contact the Host with any questions, or progress straight to the booking. Some of our spaces are available for Instant Book, allowing you to secure the spot without having to make a request first - perfect if you need parking in a hurry.

For other spaces, you’ll have to send a booking request to the Host. Once your request has been accepted, the payment will be taken and your rental will begin on the booking start date.

There are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect Shoreditch parking space for you. All of this information is included in our listings.

  • Type - Our Hosts have all sorts of parking spaces available, from underground and gated to on-street and garages.

  • Size - As well as the dimensions of the space, our listings also tell you what kind of vehicle they can accommodate.

  • Access - Do you need around-the-clock access to the parking spot? Make sure you check the availability of the space before you book.

  • Price - On most of our listings, you’ll see prices listed per hour and per month. These are set by our Hosts in advance and there are no hidden charges or fees added on.

  • Features - There are all sorts of additional features with our parking spaces, so look out for things like CCTV, security lighting, private entrances, security gates, and more.

Paying for Parking in Shoreditch

Rather than worrying about expensive hourly or daily charges, at Stashbee, you pay for the time you need at a much cheaper rate. We currently have parking spaces available in Shoreditch for £175 per month, or the equivalent of just over £5 per day. That makes it a particularly cost-effective solution for anyone in need of long-term parking who lives or works in the area.

When making your booking request, you’ll be asked to provide your payment details, but you’ll only be charged once the Host has confirmed your booking. Subsequent payments will then be taken on the same day each month until you or the Host serves notice to end the booking.

For Instant Bookings, your payment will be taken immediately.

Security and Protection

We have taken every possible step to make renting a parking space in Shoreditch simple, secure and hassle-free. As long as your payments are made through Stashbee then you will receive an excellent level of protection.


When renting some of our parking spaces in Shoreditch, you’ll be asked to pay a security deposit. The deposit is to cover the Host in the event that their space is damaged, keys, fobs or parking permits are lost, or there are missed payments during the booking.

The vast majority of our bookings go without a hitch and our Guests are refunded their deposits in full at the end of the booking.


Every Host on Stashbee has had their identity verified by our team, so you know that you’re dealing with a real person with a genuine parking space to rent. You may also be asked to verify your account when booking some of our spaces.

Just before your booking begins, you and the Host will be asked to sign our Booking Terms. They provide some standard provisions that will protect you both in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. Once signed, you’ll be sent a copy of the terms for your records. You’ll also be able to find them in the Documents section of your booking dashboard.

If you have any questions or would like assistance at any time, please get in touch with our support team.


Pay through Stashbee and your payment will be covered by our Booking Terms and Cancellations and Refunds Policy. That ensures that, if your Host cancels your booking at the last minute or anything else goes wrong, you’ll receive a full refund.

All payments made through Stashbee are managed by our cashless payment provider Stripe. We never store your payment information or share it with anyone else.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, we’ve put guidelines in place so that we can continue to offer safe and secure parking space rental in Shoreditch and beyond. Take a look at our latest COVID-19 updates to see the steps you can take to use Stashbee safely.

Where Can I Park in Shoreditch?

Good question. If you’re looking for on-street parking during the daytime then, to be frank, you’ve got no chance. That’s because Shoreditch is part of a parking zone where all on-street parking has either been allocated to a resident, a business, or their visitors. These restrictions apply:

  • In North Shoreditch: 8.30am to midnight, Monday to Saturday

  • In South Shoreditch: 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday

That leaves you with a few off-street parking options. But be warned, they’re not cheap. That includes:

  • Euro Car Park, Shoreditch High Street - £3.40 for one hour and £17.40 for 24 hours

  • Broadgate Car Park, under Broadgate House - £20 for two hours and £55 for 12 to 24 hours

  • Union Car Park, Clere Street -£4 per hour and £15 per day (6.30am-7pm)

If you’re looking for affordable parking in Shoreditch, these prices surely go to show that Stashbee is impossible to beat.

Is There Street Parking in Shoreditch?

During the day, you can only park on the street in Shoreditch if you have a permit for a specific parking bay in a certain zone. The bays are all assigned to different users. For example, there are:

  • Resident bays

  • Business bays

  • Disabled bays

  • Doctors’ bays

  • Car club bays

If you do not display a valid permit or visitor voucher for the bay you have parked in, expect a penalty charge notice (PCN) coming your way in the post.

Outside of restricted hours, which will be displayed on a sign near the bay, you can park in any bay except the car club bays, disabled bays, and doctors’ bays. You can also park on a single yellow line in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) during these times.

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