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While it might be tempting to do some sightseeing at the oldest public railway in England, you don’t have to do it just because it’s the only place you can find a parking space in Wandsworth. We’re pretty sure that it’s a lot more fun seeing the Surrey Iron Railway on a planned visit, preferably when you aren’t in a rush.

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If you are planning on driving in London, check out our guide to the ULEZ expansion to learn how to avoid getting stuck with additional fees.

Making Your Booking

Finding a parking space through Stashbee takes about as long as making a microwave meal.

Once you’re on our parking spaces page, you’ll see a couple of featured listings that might catch your eye. Make sure that they are in the Wandsworth area by entering your location or postcode or scrolling up.

You’ll be presented with all available listings and their prices right away. When you’ve found one that tickles your fancy, simply enter your start date and estimated booking duration.

When you’re ready to claim a space as your own, hit that ‘Book Space’ button. The Host should process the request within 24 hours.

The Payment Process

It’s practical to add your payment details (debit or credit card) to your profile when you first register for an account with Stashbee. This will save you a bit of time when you’re making a new booking.

If you don’t have any payment details linked to your account when you click ‘Book Space’, you’ll have to enter the details then in order for the request to be processed.

Some Hosts offer instant booking as an option, and accept all new bookings automatically. Your account will be debited right away and, as with all listings, payments are deducted monthly for the rest of your rental period.

Protection Guaranteed

We like to give Guests and Hosts peace of mind about all interactions and transactions through our platform. For this reason, we’ve put a couple of protections in place related to deposits, bookings and payments:

Secure deposits

Security deposits are not very common for parking space rentals, but they do happen. Under the ‘details’ section of any listing, Hosts will share exactly how much they need upfront in order to secure a new booking.

If there are no payment (or other) hiccups during the rental, the full deposit will be paid back to your account at the end of the booking term.

Secure bookings

The Stashbee support team is on hand to make sure that all bookings deliver what they promise. As a Guest, you’re able to contact our team at any time if you have questions or concerns.

Bookings are also protected thanks to a vetting process that makes sure that only verified Hosts and Guests can interact on the platform. If a Host hasn’t been verified, you won’t ever see their listing when you’re searching for a parking space rental.

Both parties also have to sign the Booking Terms before any rental actually takes place. This sets clear expectations, and both parties receive signed copies of the agreement for their own records.

Secure payments

Making sure that payments are secure is a top priority to us. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Stripe, one of the best online payment processing platforms in the world.

They handle all transactions on our platform, which is great news for you as Guest. Your payment details are never shared in-house, so there is no risk of your data being stolen in the unlikely event of our servers being breached.

Our Booking Terms and Cancellations and Refunds policy add more layers of protection. The only time you won’t be covered under them is if you make payments to a Host outside of the Stashbee platform.


COVID-19 Safe Parking Spaces in Wandsworth

Although parking spaces are generally social distancing-friendly, we’d still like all Guests to have the safest possible experience if they book a parking space with us in Wandsworth. Our COVID-19 updates page details safety advice, and shares information about booking flexibility during the pandemic.

We also encourage open communication between Guests and Hosts to make the rental as safe as possible. Talk to your Host about your and their needs to keep things respectful. This can be as simple as asking if they are comfortable with an elbow tap when you first arrive or if a virtual introduction might work better. You can always give your Host a big thank you hug when you re-book with them after the pandemic.


How Do You Pay for Parking in Wandsworth?

Paying for traditional parking in Wandsworth can be done in person at a machine. With so many hands touching the same buttons, however, this isn’t very COVID-19 friendly.

Other options available include paying using the Parkmobile app or doing so over the phone. Both require you to register accounts first, which can be a lengthy process.

The true downside? You pay a 20p convenience fee on top of each parking charge if you register for either of the two remote services. On top of that, your mobile provider will probably charge you for every call you make using the telephone payment option.

At Stashbee, we won’t throw any hidden fees your way. What you see is what you get. The total amount you pay per month is clear, right from the moment you first request a new booking.

How Do You Get a Parking Permit in Wandsworth?

Using one of the public parking bays in Wandsworth requires you to apply for a parking permit. There are five different options available, namely residence, resident visitor, business, trade, and estates. Each comes with their own share of pros and co(n/st)s.

You can apply for a residence parking permit online, in person, or by post. The various prices, eligibility conditions, and documents you need can be found on the Wandsworth government website. What used to be a relatively simple process has become more complicated as a result of the pandemic - so much so that a notice has been posted on the applications portal letting customers know that there are long delays in the processing of new applications.

Skip the wait and try Stashbee as a no fuss, permitless alternative instead.

How Much is Wandsworth Parking Permit?

Any applications for parking permits in Wandsworth that are made by post or in person — aka those that involve any form of human interaction — will incur an administration fee of £22. That’s without even paying for the permit itself!

A single residence permit linked to a single address will put you back £183 if you apply in person or via the post. Online, it costs £161. An additional £39 is in order if you’d like to apply for a secondary permit for someone else living at your address. These prices were last updated two years ago, so we imagine you can expect increases very soon.

Save yourself the hassle and try out a long-term parking space rental with us instead. We promise that even when you call us to help you navigate back to your new listing at the end of a long work day (it happens!), we won’t charge you anything like a £10 parking permit replacement fee.

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