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Wimbledon might be known for hosting the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, but it isn’t known for having an abundance of parking spaces near its trendy boutiques, cafes, and parks.

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If you are planning on driving in London, check out our guide to the ULEZ expansion to learn how to avoid getting stuck with additional fees.

Making a Booking with Stashbee

Finding a parking space with Stashbee will only take a few minutes. Start by visiting our home page (or scrolling up if you want parking in Wimbledon!), where one of the first things you’ll see is a search bar to help you access all the active listings on our platform.

Enter the name or postcode of the area you’re looking for parking in, and don’t forget to click on the ‘parking’ tab below the ‘I need’ section. Hit enter and you’ll see all the available parking bays in your desired area.

Try one or more of our features and usage filters to help you whittle down the selection even more. Once you’ve got your eye on one listin in particular, enter the desired start date, as well as the estimated booking duration you’ve got in mind. Click the ‘Book Space’ button and the request will be fired off to your prospective Host right away.

Making Payments

Paying for your booking is as simple as adding your debit or credit card details on the Stashbee dashboard. If you didn’t do it when you first signed up, don’t worry. You’ll be prompted to enter that information as soon as you submit a new booking request.

Payments are processed once the request is accepted by the potential Host. If the request is denied, the full amount is returned right away. If the booking period is longer than the 30 day minimum, you are charged for the first month and then payments are processed on a month-to-month basis after that.

Security and Protection

We like the idea of keeping the booking process simple, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve skimped on security and protection. Trust plays a big role in creating a great experience for Guests and Hosts, which is why we’ve put the following key systems in place:


Although more common for storage space rentals, some parking space Hosts do ask for a security deposit before approving a new booking request. These Hosts will specify the amount on the listing itself.

A deposit provides them with peace of mind in the event of late payments, last minute cancellations, or unexpected damages. The good news is that as long as the booking goes down without a hitch (like it usually does), the full amount is returned to you after the booking has run its course.

Booking protection

The first step towards a positive interaction with a potential Host is knowing that they have been vetted before their listing has even been published. All listings on Stashbee only go live once the identity of a Host has been confirmed. The same goes for your identity as a Guest, which also has to be verified before a booking can go ahead.

Our Booking Terms offer further protection. The terms are signed by both parties, and copies are delivered to the Stashbee dashboard of each before the rental kicks off. These terms ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to general expectations, as well as creating a jointly positive experience.

Payment protection

When it comes to payment processing, we’ve left things in the hands of the experts. Industry leader Stripe is responsible for transactions on the Stashbee platform. They handle all sensitive payment data, which never reaches our servers locally. Your personal data essentially sits in a high-security digital vault, away from any and all prying eyes.

Stashbee’s Cancellations and Refunds policy also offers another layer of payment protection for Guests and Hosts. As long as you keep transactions through the Stashbee platform itself, you and the Host are both covered by this policy as well as our general Terms and Conditions.


When the pandemic hit, the Stashbee team jumped into action right away. In a bid to put Hosts and Guests at ease about current and future bookings, we createdan exclusive page for all the latest COVID-19 updates. The page helps to keep everyone informed, as well as to offer tips for improving bookings-related interactions during these uncertain times.

From encouraging users to arrange virtual viewings and offering reminders about social distancing all the way through to increased booking flexibility, we’ve thought about all the ways to make life a little easier for everyone involved. We’ve even extended the cooling off period for cancellations, provided that Guests can prove it is COVID-19 related.


Where Can I Park Near Wimbledon Park?

There are two small public car parks near Wimbledon Park. They can be found at the Wimbledon Park Road and Revelstoke Road entrances.

Securing a spot in one of these two places — especially over a weekend or during a bank holiday — is notoriously difficult. You might need to be there when they open at 8am to beat everyone else to the punch. Something else to consider is that the parks don’t have formal closing hours (officially they close at ‘dusk’). This leaves room for error and misinterpretation. The result could be that your car gets locked up overnight in the case that your definition of dusk is different from the attendant’s.

For peace of mind and greater flexibility with regards to your comings and goings in the area, try a Stashbee parking space instead.

Does Wimbledon Station Have a Car Park?

Yes, Wimbledon Station does have a car park - but we wouldn’t call it the most practical solution in the area, as it has only 45 bays available at any given time. It might be easier to win in a scratch card lottery than it is to find a parking spot at Wimbledon Station on a Saturday afternoon.

If you are lucky enough to secure a space during the week, you’ll pay a flat fee of £6.50 per day. Only getting out of a meeting after 4pm? Expect £10.80 to be added to the day rate. Over weekends, the day rate increases to a flat rate of £16.50.

The average listing price for a single space in Wimbledon on Stashbee is £77 per month. That’s roughly £2.50 per day if you use it every day, and you get the luxury of coming and going as you please.

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