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It can be tough to find easy, affordable parking in a big city. On top of all the different restrictions you need to be aware of, you’re also taking a big risk by simply hoping there’s a decent space available in a car park or on-street bay near where you need to go.

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How Do I Book Parking Space in Birmingham?

The process of booking a parking space with Stashbee is quick and simple.

Once you’re registered with us as a Guest, you can use our interactive map to find a parking space in the right part of Birmingham, and adjust your search to include features like additional security to make sure you find the perfect spot for your needs.

It’s extremely straightforward to book parking space in Birmingham with Stashbee… in fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Request a space by making a booking and putting down a payment

  2. Wait for the Host to confirm your booking. Once this happens, the space will be taken off the market, so you won’t have to worry about someone else swooping in and taking it

  3. Start using your space!

Some of our listings are also available for instant booking, simplifying the process even further. Just make your parking payment, and your booking will be confirmed automatically. Perfect if you’re in a hurry!


How Do I Pay for My Booking?

When you first pay for a parking space in Birmingham with Stashbee, the funds will be held in your account. We’ll only charge you once your Host has confirmed your booking.

All payments are managed through Stripe, our secure payment provider, and every booking made through Stashbee operates on a rolling monthly basis.

Your first payment will be due the day before your booking is set to start. Subsequent payments will be charged on the same date each month until the booking ends.

How Much Does It Cost to Park in Birmingham?

Hosts can set whatever rates they like for their booking. Don’t worry, though: booking through Stashbee is affordable, as we take only a small service charge and have no extra or hidden fees.

While the price of parking in Birmingham will vary depending on location, demand, and security features, we keep costs low by directly linking Hosts with spare space to Guests who need it.

Presently, parking spaces in Birmingham tend to cost around £100 a month, though they can go for as low as £79.


Is Booking with Stashbee Secure?

The short answer is yes. We take our users’ privacy and security concerns very seriously, and offer a range of protections to give Hosts and Guests maximum peace of mind.

Booking protection

We ask all of our Hosts to verify their identities before we show their listings, so you know that wherever you park, it’s safe.

On top of that, all Hosts and Guests must agree to our Booking Terms before the rental period begins. These terms help keep your booking — and your car — protected in case anything goes wrong. Once you’ve signed the agreement, we’ll send you a copy for your records, which can be easily accessed via your booking dashboard.

Payment protection

Paying through Stashbee means your booking is covered by both our Guest Insurance and Cancellations and Refunds policies, as well as our Booking Terms.

We work with a fully accredited payment provider, Stripe, who will store your payment details on their secure server. We keep no record of your financial information ourselves, and won’t pass your personal details on to anybody else.


We’ll sometimes ask you to put down a deposit before booking a parking space. This will be refunded at the end of your booking, as long as your Host confirms that there are no outstanding payments and no damage has been done to the space itself.

Is it Safe to Book Parking in Birmingham During COVID-19?

Once again, the short answer to this is yes. We’ve been able to keep operating during the pandemic by implementing a range of COVID safety measures.

These include:

  • Flexible bookings

  • Virtual viewings

  • Contactless key handovers through KeyNest

For more information, view our full list of COVID-19 safety measures.


What About Notice Periods and Moving Out?

Our policies on serving notice and moving out are designed to make it easy to cancel a booking when you need to without having to worry about suddenly losing your parking space.

Serving notice

Guests can serve notice to their Hosts to end their booking at any time.

Most bookings need at least one month’s notice before they can end, but some might require more time. You should make sure you check with your Host before making plans to end your booking. You can find this information in the ‘booking details’ section of your dashboard.

Don’t worry if you need to end the booking outside your typical monthly rental period. We’ll calculate your final payment on a pro rata basis, and let you know how much you’ll owe as soon as you serve notice.

If your Host wants to end the booking, they’ll need to give you at least two months’ notice before you have to drive away.

Moving out

Once notice has been served or given, you’ll need to move your vehicle out and return any keys, fobs, or parking permits to your Host by the booking end date.

Once that date has passed, your Host can confirm your move out with us and we’ll return the deposit you paid. This usually happens quickly, but don’t stress if you don’t see it immediately: we allow up to 14 days to process.


Where Can I Park My Car in Birmingham?

Street parking and controlled parking zones

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area in which all on-street parking is controlled. These areas are marked with entry signs, which detail the requirements that apply in that particular zone.

You can pay for on-street pay and display bays over the phone or by purchasing a ticket.

Council car parks

Birmingham also has a variety of council car parks, which operate differently based on where they are. In general, they’ll be open from early morning to late at night, with reduced operating hours on Sundays.

Be careful, though, as some only take payment in cash!

Blue badge parking

Parking is free for those who display their blue badges in all CPZs and most council car parks. Again, this varies by location, and you won’t be able to guarantee there’s an available space.

Motorcycle bays

Birmingham also has a number of motorcycle parking bays. They can be found in council car parks, CPZs, and on the street, and are generally subject to the same restrictions as car parking.

We hope you found this guide to parking in Birmingham helpful. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. You can also register as a Guest with Stashbee now to start taking advantage of our easy, fast and reliable services!

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