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Life in inner London can be a lot of fun, but parking there? Not so much. If you’re one of the quarter of a million people living in N1, you probably know just how hard it can be to find parking in Islington on a daily basis. With Stashbee, finding a parking space that meets your needs and matches your budget is both quick, and uncomplicated.

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If you are planning on driving in London, check out our guide to the ULEZ expansion to learn how to avoid getting stuck with additional fees.

How to Book a Parking Space in Islington

There are plenty of great reasons to pay a visit to Islington. This Central London borough is well known for its trendy shops and entertainment options, like the Screen on the Green. This cinema has been a local institution for over a century, and overlooks Islington Green, letting you soak up some sun before heading to the bar for a drink before the show begins.

While there’s plenty of good entertainment to be found in Islington, relying on public transport can be a bit of a pain. Although well-connected in theory, Islington’s stations are actually pretty spread out from each other, all serving different lines, and all leaving you at the mercy of inevitable cancellations and delays. 

The good news is there are ways of getting to Islington without your trip being dictated by the whims of public transport. Stashbee offers commuters and visitors plenty of options for hassle-free parking in Islington, for however long you plan to stay.

Whether you’re looking for long-term, short-term, or even hourly parking, we’ve got space for you. When you book with Stashbee, you’re guaranteed a parking spot, making it even easier to plan your trip. 

Simply browse our interactive map to compare the cost of parking in Islington with Stashbee. The price on the map is exactly what you’ll pay - no hidden fees, you’ll know just how much you’re expected to pay, full transparency.

Once you’ve found a spot that suits your needs, simply add in the details of your trip - like how long you’d like to book parking for - and click Book Space. Your Host then has 24 hours to give you the green light on your request. If you’d rather book something right away, one of our instant book listings will be your best bet. 

Islington Tube Stations

Although Islington looks well-served by public transport on the face of it, your tube options are actually bare-bones. You’ve got the Overground at Canonbury on the North London and East London Lines, and Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Station on the North London Line - all of which fall in Zone 2. Meanwhile Angel runs on the Northern Line, and Highbury & Islington is served by both the Victoria Line and the Overground. Although only the latter two are slightly more convenient for Islington itself, if you’re looking to park and ride in Islington to elsewhere in the city, there aren’t car parks attached to any stations in the area.

Luckily, we’ve got the solution. Booking a parking spot with Stashbee puts you in control of where and when you park your car. Forget aimlessly driving around the streets of Islington hoping to secure a lucky spot in a crowded car park or street. Instead, rent parking space from one of our reputable Hosts for however long you need. This time-effective solution to finding the perfect parking spot comes with plenty of perks, like avoiding parking restrictions. When you book parking with Stashbee, the space will be yours for the duration of your rental. Done deal. 

Things to Do in Islington

We’ve already mentioned that Islington is known for its variety of entertainment venues, with three of the most notable being:

  • The Bill Murray, a renowned comedy club where you can catch pro-comedy for freeon Friday and Saturday nights
  • The Camden Head, one of London’s best venues for improv during the week
  • The Almeida Theatre, a small theatre (around 300 capacity) that showcase all manner of plays, from the legends of drama to work by up-and-coming playwrights.

Of course, if you want to make a day of it, you’ll need something cool to do before the curtains go up. If you fancy exploring, be sure to stop by:

  • Camden Passage, where you’ll find yourself moseying through antique stores or gawking at displays in off-the-wall boutiques. On the weekend, this little road is transformed into a lovable market
  • Speaking of markets, Islington Farmers’ Market opens on Sundays from 10am to 2pm, and has been ever-popular since its opening in 1999
  • Regent’s Canal offers a more quaint scene for people-watching, and takes you eastwards to Hackney and westwards towards Paddington. On a beautiful day, join the masses for a drink along the canal, or settle down at a waterfront café.

With all that’s going on in Islington, you won’t want to miss out. Book your parking spot with Stashbee today and get your show on the road!

Making Your Booking

Once you’ve picked the listing that’s right for you, sending off a booking request with Stashbee only takes a minute or two. In order to make the search more convenient, our platform lets you sort by price and location. It also gives you the option to toggle additional filters, so you can get down to specifics related to security, lighting and more.

Standard bookings require Hosts to get back to you with a “yay” or “nay” within 24 hours. Other listings have an instant book option, which is perfect if you need a parking space in Islington sooner rather than later.

COVID-19 safety precautions

These days, no booking would be complete without touching on the COVID-19 safety precautions we’ve taken. We’ve done the groundwork to make sure that Hosts and Guests can continue to use our service, in spite of all the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic.

If you would feel more comfortable seeing a parking space before you book, feel free to request a virtual viewing with the Host. This is a good opportunity to introduce yourself and ask about the steps that have been taken to keep the space clean and sanitised. It also gives you a chance to request an elbow tap or wave (instead of the impromptu half-hug, half-handshake awkwardness we’ve all experienced) when you meet in person for the first time.

The Stashbee team has stepped up their game by offering greater booking flexibility in the event of COVID-related hurdles. We’ve also extended the cooling off period for cancellations, provided you can prove it’s pandemic related. Any other questions? Our support team is always on hand to help.

Making Your Payment

Payments are due before the booking starts. When you first sign up with Stashbee, you’ll have an opportunity to add your card details to your account right away. Alternatively, you’ll be prompted to do so before any new booking requests can be sent to a prospective Host.

We reserve booking payments in your account, but they will only be charged once the Host has confirmed. If you need to change your payment details at any time, you can do so via your account dashboard.

Long-term booking renewals take place the day before the new month starts. Whether you’re booking parking for an hour or a month, remember to keep all transactions inside the Stashbee platform. If not, you won’t be protected by our Booking Terms.

Staying Secure with Stashbee

Cyber security is very important, and as an online service, we’ve gone above and beyond to offer multiple protections to our customers. On top of keeping deposits and other payments secure, we’ve also developed general booking protections for added protection, and peace of mind.

Protecting Your Deposit

Storage spaces on the Stashbee platform always require security deposits, but parking space listings don’t require these as often. Hosts may include this if they have a high demand listing, or if they would like added protection against late or missed payments for long-term bookings.

Listings that ask for a deposit will charge the amount alongside the first payment. The funds are kept to one side, and get paid back into your account at the end of the booking period if everything goes smoothly.

Protecting Your Booking

General booking protections can help build trust between Guests and Hosts. Both parties need to go through a vetting process, in order to verify their identities. If you haven’t done so yet, try to get it done in your dashboard before you request your first booking.

Extra protections are covered by our Booking Terms, which touch on a few standard provisions that help keep everyone on the same page about their responsibilities during the process. You will sign these before the booking starts, and your Host will do the same. If the space doesn’t look like what you were promised on the listing, take a photo and contact our support team right away.

While storage space bookings on Stashbee include insurance, parking space rentals don’t, so make sure your car insurance is up to date and let your insurer know that you’ll be parking your car somewhere new.

Protecting Your Payment

Every transaction completed through Stashbee is covered by the terms we’ve already covered. These are also protected by our Cancellations and Refunds policy.

We’ve also enlisted Stripe — one of the top payment providers in the world — to make sure all payments and deposit refunds run smoothly and on time. They are also tasked with keeping all personal information secure. Sensitive card details never reach the local Stashbee servers, and won’t be shared with third parties at any point.

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