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Need parking in Newham? Simply book a long-term parking spot ahead of time, and avoid the struggle of finding the perfect parking spot on your own. That’s right - Stashbee just made parking a whole lot easier.

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Parking in Newham Made Easy

There’s no need to waste time scouting out parking on the fly in Newham. Peruse our plentiful parking options and connect with one of our verified Hosts before you even step out the door.

Not sure how to make a booking? We can help with that.

Booking your space

Booking your long-term parking space is easy as can be.

  • Enter your postcode and browse our listings in that area

  • Click on a listing you’re interested in and enter a few details, like your ideal start date and the duration of your parking rental

  • Click Book Space

You’ll want to add a brief message to say hello to your Host or ask about the space. Once you enter a method of payment, your booking will be sent to the Host.

Your Host should respond within 24 hours with a confirmation of your booking if they accept your request. Note that Instant Book spaces will be booked instantly!

And bam. Just like that, you’ve booked yourself a parking space. We said it’d be simple, didn’t we?

Making payment

When you book a space, funds will be held in your account until your Host either confirms or denies your booking. These funds will only be withdrawn from your account once your Host confirms your booking. Should your booking be denied, the funds will be returned to you straight away.

All payments are processed through our secure payment provider Stripe. Your payment information is never stored on our end, and we’ll never share your details with anyone.

Payments are due on a monthly basis, with your first monthly payment due the day before your booking start date. After that, your card will be automatically charged monthly until your booking ends, or sooner if you or your Host serve notice.

When you pay for your booking through Stashbee, you’re protected under our protection policies, which are designed to give you protection and peace of mind in the unlikely event that something goes awry with your booking. With our Cancellations and Returns Policy, Guest Insurance, and Booking Terms, we can guarantee security for all rental transactions through Stashbee.

Safe, Sound, Secure... Stashbee

COVID-19 health and safety

The health and safety of our Hosts and Guests will always be our first priority. That’s why we’ve developed our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, which are updated according to the latest recommendations from the NHS.

Familiarising yourself with these guidelines will help to ensure the health and safety of you and your Host throughout your rental experience. There are some key practices, though, that are easy to remember and go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

  • Participate in virtual showings of rental spaces if you need a closer look at them

  • If you must visit rental properties in person before your booking, maintain a social distance of at least two metres with your Host

Should you need extra support with your parking rental, our team is easy to reach and happy to help.

Payment protection

As we mentioned above, all payments processed through Stashbee are protected through our secure payment provider Stripe. Your payment information is never stored or shared with anyone.

When you pay for your booking through Stashbee, you’re automatically protected with our Cancellation and Returns Policy, Booking Terms, and Guest Insurance. These policies were written with you in mind and offer the best of the best in protection - no matter what.

Deposit protection

You’ll find that some bookings require a security deposit - a totally refundable security deposit. This deposit is meant to cover things like damage to the rental and lost keys. Once your Host confirms that their rental space is in tip top shape and they’ve got their keys back, the security deposit will be sent back to you.

Booking protection

Our Booking Terms protect you throughout the duration of your booking, should you need extra support. We ask that you and your Host sign a copy before the booking begins, and we’ll send a copy of the signed terms to both you and your Host so that everyone is on the same page.

We verify the identity of our Hosts before their listing can be made, so you know you’re renting from a real human who can answer any questions you may have about their rental space.


How Do I Renew My Parking Permit in Newham?

Your parking permit in Newham can be renewed online. Alternatively, you can book long-term parking in Newham through Stashbee and have your card automatically charged each month until your booking ends. Hassle free and easy as can be!

How Do I Get a Visitor Parking Permit in Newham?

You’ll need to register your information online at MiPermit Newham to prove that you live in Newham. Then, you can apply for a visitor parking pass to allow your friends or family to park in nearby permit only areas. Should they happen to park in one of these areas without a displayed permit, they could be subject to a penalty charge notice.

If you or your family or friends want to be able to park near your home in Newham, have them book a long-term parking space with Stashbee. The process is simple, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to display a permit or the possibility of a PCN. Simply book a spot ahead of time and enjoy worry-free parking everytime.

Parking in Newham is as easy as can be, with plenty of long-term parking options through Stashbee. Our cost-effective spaces save you money on pricey parking metres and penalty charge notices. After all, we’re sure we don’t have to remind you of the annoyance of seeking out a last minute parking spot from behind the wheel! Save time by booking your parking ahead of time, so you can get on with your day.

Booking with Stashbee is safe, secure, and saves time and money. Should you need support, our team is ready to chat to you at every step of the way.


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