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With Stashbee, it’s easy to find hourly and monthly parking spaces in Coventry. Simply enter the postcode of where you need to park and browse a range of listings near Coventry. By putting the UK’s unused parking spaces to good use, you’ll be choosing a simple, smart and sustainable option when renting with Stashbee.

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Information about Coventry Parking

Coventry is a lively city in the West Midlands of England with about 370,000 people. It has a long history, starting as an old market town and later becoming big in car making. Nestled close to neighbours Birmingham and Leicester.

The city has a mix of old and new buildings. The famous Coventry Cathedral is known for being rebuilt after World War II damage. Tourists can see old places like St. Michael's Cathedral ruins and St. Mary's Guildhall.

Coventry also has new spots like the Coventry Transport Museum, which has many kinds of vehicles. The Coventry Canal Basin is a nice place to walk, shop, eat, and see art. Coventry's mix of old and new things makes it an interesting place for visitors to explore.


Parking in Coventry

Parking in Coventry can be a mixed experience due to its bustling city center and high demand for parking spaces. On-street parking is available throughout the city, but it's important to check signage for specific regulations and time limits. Some areas may have resident-only parking or restrictions during certain hours.

To provide convenience for visitors, Coventry offers a range of multi-story car parks and private parking facilities. These options allow for both short-term and long-term parking, providing flexibility for those exploring the city or attending events.

For environmentally conscious drivers, some car parks in Coventry offer electric vehicle charging points, promoting sustainable transportation options. To avoid any inconvenience, it's advisable to plan parking ahead of time, be aware of parking restrictions, and consider using public transport or ridesharing services to navigate the city with ease.


Nearby Attractions

Coventry boasts an array of attractions that cater to different interests, offering a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it an enticing destination for locals and visitors alike.


Coventry Cathedral - A Symbol of Resilience

Coventry Cathedral is a striking masterpiece of architecture, with its iconic modern design sitting alongside the ruins of the original medieval cathedral destroyed during World War II. This powerful symbol of peace and reconciliation offers captivating history and stunning views from its tower.


Coventry Transport Museum - A Journey through Time

For automobile enthusiasts, the Coventry Transport Museum is a must-visit. It showcases a vast collection of vehicles, from classic cars to innovative prototypes, telling the story of Coventry's rich automotive heritage and its significant impact on the world of transportation.


Coventry War Memorial Park - Serenity in Nature

The War Memorial Park provides a tranquil escape in the heart of the city. This beautifully landscaped green space offers picturesque gardens, open fields, and a serene lake. It's a perfect spot for picnics, leisurely walks, and family outings.


Herbert Art Gallery & Museum - Cultural Delights

Art and history enthusiasts will be delighted by the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. Visitors can immerse themselves in Coventry's cultural tapestry with its fascinating exhibitions and diverse collections, including fine art, archaeology, and local history.


Coventry Public Transport


Coventry Rail Services

One of the main transport hubs in the West Midlands, Coventry's railway station connects the city with major destinations throughout the UK. Trains frequently shuttle between Coventry and Birmingham, London, Manchester, and other cities, making it a central link for many travelers. Like many stations, parking tends to be more available the further out you go from the city centre.


Bus Services in Coventry

The green and blue buses of Coventry, operated primarily by National Express Coventry, are a staple for locals and visitors alike. With an extensive network of routes, these buses traverse the city and connect Coventry with surrounding regions. This makes it easy for travelers to explore both the historical and modern facets of the city.


Coventry Very Light Rail (VLR)

An exciting development in Coventry’s transport network, the Very Light Rail aims to revolutionize urban transportation in the city. This innovative, eco-friendly mode of transport will provide an additional option for those commuting in and around Coventry, once it's fully operational.


Cycling in Coventry

With a focus on sustainable transport, Coventry is making strides in promoting cycling as a practical mode of transport. The city has been developing more cycle lanes and storage facilities to encourage its residents to opt for two wheels instead of four. Coventry's green spaces and historical sites also offer picturesque routes for leisurely rides.


Renting out your Parking Space with Stashbee

Transform your unused driveway or parking space into a money-making asset by renting it out with Stashbee. You can rent your parking space to fellow Lewisham inhabitants or visitors.

Are you curious about your potential income from renting your parking spot in Lewisham? To find out, use our earnings calculator, which shows you how much you could earn in Lewisham. It's free to list your space on Stashbee!



Free parking in Coventry is limited, especially in the city center and popular areas. While some on-street parking may offer limited free parking during specific times or days, most parking options are paid, including private car parks and multi-story facilities. Visitors should be prepared to use paid parking to ensure a smoother experience.

Parking on a single yellow line in Coventry is generally prohibited during the times displayed on nearby signage. However, some single yellow lines may have specific parking allowances during certain hours or days. It's crucial to check the parking regulations and restrictions in the area to avoid fines or penalties.

Yes, there are Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations available in Coventry. These charging stations cater to the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure, promoting eco-friendly transportation options. EV owners can conveniently charge their vehicles while exploring the city, making Coventry a welcoming destination for electric vehicle users.

Yes, there are designated disabled parking bays in Coventry to accommodate individuals with disabilities. These parking bays are reserved for vehicles displaying a valid blue badge or disabled parking permit. Visitors with disabilities can utilize these spaces for convenient access to nearby amenities and attractions.

The overnight, weekend, and bank holiday parking rules in Coventry may vary depending on the specific area. It's essential to check the signage and parking regulations in the vicinity, as there may be restrictions or changes during these times. Adhering to the displayed rules will help avoid fines or penalties.

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